Sustainable party dresses for spring celebrations and graduates

The importance of sustainability in clothing is satisfyingly growing in the young customer groups of IVALO.COM.

Even though the youngsters often get criticized for consuming cheap chain fashion, single-use clothing, and quickly changing trends, there notably is a counter-force rising.

The new generations are aware of climate and environment. They have all the information in the world within their reach and they take global problems seriously.

The dresses for graduation parties this spring are wanted sustainable – they might be found second-hand from relatives and family. The usage of water, energy, natural resources, and chemicals during the production of clothing is a matter of interest, as well as the carbon footprint of the product.

The long lifespan, versatility, and resale value of the choice of celebration outfit play a great role in decision-making.

Check out these sustainable party dresses at IVALO.COM:

1.  Residus Anis Dress Ice Blue

Anis is the classic dress design by the Swedish brand Residus from Stockholm. This timeless and feminine dress looks flattering no matter the body type.

Anis has a remarkably beautiful neckline. The new color Ice Blue is trendy and cool.


2. KATRI NISKANEN Flower Dress White

The Finnish designer Katri Niskanen presents a girly Flower Dress White – it’s delicate, simple, and stylish.

The specialties of this white lace dress are light and soft balloon sleeves and a sophisticated high collar.

Katri Niskanen

3. Scarlett Poppies Keeps Me High Volume Sleeve Eyelet Dress

If you’re looking for a daring and stylish short dress, this trendy head-turner by Scarlett Poppies is a perfect choice.

Keeps Me High Volume Sleeve Eyelet Dress is charmingly abundant, playful, and shows a lot of legs. 

The powerful design is combined with graphic colors: deep black or pure white.

Scarlett Poppies

4. KATRI NISKANEN Penny Dress Black

The A-lined Penny Dress is nice and comfy to wear. The round ruffled neckline gives this dress extra character. You can cover your shoulders or let them show, thanks to the elastic band beneath the ruffle. 

The dress is otherwise simple and the satin material has a subtle festive shine. 

Penny is guaranteed to delight you in further use from Christmas parties to classy dinners. It suits every woman in the family, no matter the age. Penny comes in eternal black color.

Katri Niskanen

5. Cecilia Sörensen Mimosa Dress Jade Green

A rewarded Finnish fashion designer Cecilia Sörensen designs and manufactures her clothing selection handmade in Mallorca.

Mimosa is a sculptured silk-cotton dress in glowing green color. It has a relaxed cut, smocking in the back, and side pockets. 

Cecilia Sörensen

6. Vejits Pink Zebra Printed High Neck Dress

Pink Zebra Printed High Neck Dress with close-fitting cut and a high collar looks like a true design dress from near and far. 

This 100% silk dress feels luxurious to touch and wear. The pure pink color is fresh and youthful.

Vejits is a Thai-Finnish design studio with a showroom located in Kallio, Helsinki.


7. Miia Halmesmaa Flowy Long Dress Leinikki Lavender

If you love Finnish fashion, colors, and prints, grab a design by Miia Halmesmaa – celebrities seem to love it, too.

Besides her super dress Lush, Halmesmaa presents various designs, prints, and colors that fit like a stylish glove. The made-to-order feel is distinct and clear. 

The fresh Leinikki design is a top choice for a school graduate –  it’s easy to enjoy being the center of all attention wearing this dress on a perfect day.

Miia Halmesmaa’s Leinikki is available in two colors and in two different lengths.

Miia Halmesmaa

8. KATRI NISKANEN Waterfall Dress

Waterfall Dress oozes the characteristic elegance of the designer Katri Niskanen. The simple silhouette of this dress is super festive.

The deep plunging back and waterfall collar are a crown to this lovely dress glowing in a frosted pearl-colored satin polyester. The rose pink version of Waterfall Dress is sold out until further notice.

Katri Niskanen

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