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IVALO.COM summer blog series presents the rarest treasure brands of genuinely sustainable fashion. This week we take a look at SHIO, a one-woman fashion studio from Berlin.

SHIO hasn’t been very visible in the IVALO.COM marketing yet, but customers have already found it nevertheless. What explains the secret popularity of this German tailoress?

Natural materials and delicious colors

SHIO specializes in beautiful and lightly flowing women’s clothing. The brand founder Kate Pinkstone chooses European high-quality sustainable natural materials for her collections.

SHIO clothes are made of ecological linen, eco-cotton, and recycled/upcycled cotton. The pieces are excellent choices for hot summer days and for anyone who appreciates recycling materials.

In SHIO collections you’ll find soft and sophisticated tones, as well as magnificent power colors to brighten up your wardrobe and bring extra character to your style.

Your custom tailor in Berlin

SHIO founder and designer Kate Pinkstone sews all the brand’s clothes in her studio store. Kate and her friends are living in a typical Berlin style – in the studio combined with the shop. Kate produces the clothes and her friends make jewelry, art, and handcrafts. Their SHIO store in Neukölln is also a gallery to show all the pieces they bring to life.

Kate wants to make perfectly fitting clothes for her customers – at a decent price. That’s why SHIO offers a possibility to order your clothes custom-tailored to your exact measures. When you place your order at SHIO, Kate will listen to all your details: maybe you are in-between sizes, or need more room for breasts or hips?

Kate will tailor a unique made-to-order piece just for you – it will be something that surely stays with you for years to come, maybe even for life.

Timeless freshness and easy design

SHIO and Kate have a touch that suits many tastes. The design is classic, simple, and relaxed. The silhouettes are timeless yet modern, and by switching shoes and accessories, these clothes are very versatile.

At IVALO.COM, you’ll find Shio Label collection presenting an interesting selection of everyday wear. And if you ever have a chance to spend time in Berlin, visit the studio store in Neukölln – there you get to see the Shio Upcycled collection, consisting of unique pieces put together of second-hand clothes in the Shio Label style.

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