Hidden Gems - CharlieMary

Get to know CharlieMary.

The Hidden Gems blog series showcases the lesser-known designer brands of sustainable fashion, as well as secret favorites of the IVALO.COM team and customers.

Everlasting favorites from Amsterdam


CharlieMary is sustainably custom-made in the Netherlands and Turkey. The brand calls its collection "forever favorites".

Like a typical Amsterdamian style, CharlieMary clothes are characterized by comfort and effortlessness. Made from waste material, forever favorites are easy clothes that form the basis of a sustainable wardrobe.

CharlieMary is especially praised by those who avoid overdressing and declaring themselves with their clothes. The secret of style is the understated charm of clothes that stand the test of time and changing seasons. 

The sustainable basics you've always been looking for


Have you ever thought you needed the perfect white blouse? Or that your capsule is missing a casual but stylish grey sweater? Or are classic t-shirts essential in your wardrobe?

Those looking for a sustainable and flexible wardrobe can stop searching, as CharlieMary offers a ready-made capsule collection of exactly the clothes you're likely to need.

CharlieMary basics are a feel-good purchase, as the brand does not use new materials in its manufacturing. Purchases are also cost-effective because, with CharlieMary, individual clothing pieces are guaranteed to have many uses.

One way of calculating the cost per wear of an outfit is to divide the purchase price of your clothes by the number of times you wear them.

Everyday hero for work and office


The bliss of everyday life is a helpful wardrobe that means you don't have to worry about what to wear. A compact and versatile selection saves you valuable time. 

With CharlieMary, you're instantly ready for any occasion. Dressed in your own style, the clothes are suitable for a variety of work environments. The same clothes can be worn after work for everyday shopping, to the park with kids or to a better restaurant for a celebration.

IVALO.COM recommends CharlieMary's collection of everyday essentials underneath knits, dresses, and shirts. The brand's deadstock cotton feels great against the skin. Tops, undershirts, and tees are stylish and comfortable when paired with, for example, genuine knitwear.


CharlieMary's collection is produced in small batches, so if you fall in love with a particular garment or shade, you should act quickly. Clothes made from surplus materials are rarely restocked, at least not in the same color. 

CharlieMary's color palette is full of neutrals and timeless shades such as black, white, grey, and cream. However, the brand also occasionally delights with limited special shades such as strong raspberry red, delicious pale yellow, or trendy sage. 

This way, you can also get a very individual garment made of waste material that feels tailor-made just for you.