Hidden Gems - 1 People

Hidden Gems - 1 People

The Hidden Gems blog series showcases the lesser-known designer brands of sustainable fashion, as well as secret favorites of the IVALO.COM team and customers.

Discover the world-conquering 1 People brand from Copenhagen and design your own Scandi look.

Sustainable Danish Fashion

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Danish design is world famous. Quite a few of us have at one time or another fallen in love with Danish furniture or lighting. Beautiful furnishings have made classic Danish quality and style famous throughout the history of modern design.

Scandinavian design is globally appreciated, practical minimalism. In the name of minimalism, Danes have been said to dress mainly in black, casual knitwear and quality shoes. 

More recently, Scandinavian fashion has been strongly influenced by the playfully bold Danish style, bursting with color, print and layering.

Hand-picked basics for the common good

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1 People's basics are durable and simple. Quality underwear and t-shirts form the responsible wardrobe’s foundation.

1 People wants to offer ethical alternatives to essential basics. As clothing is a basic need for people in affluent countries, 1 People believes that the resource flows associated with its activities should be managed responsibly.

The price of high quality 1 People products is certainly fair for all parties involved; not just the end user. When someone needs underwear, the purchase must positively support and sustain other people, their families and their livelihoods in the shared world. 

1 People's women's clothes are safe to wear against skin. They do not contain dangerous or unhealthy chemicals, endocrine disruptors, toxins or heavy metals.

For example, 1 People cooperates with a European product development company, PYRATEX®. PYRATEX specializes in innovative, environmentally sustainable materials, from traceable fibers to fabric.

Scandinavian expressiveness

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Among 1 People’s sustainable fashion, you can also find the Scandinavian statement piece that will be the star of your wardrobe.

You can finalize your outfit with colorful shoes, a stylish belt, a personalized cut, or a striking scarf. Often an accessory or detail is the little gem of the outfit that gets noticed and remembered.

1 People also designs special details to their clothes, such as asymmetry or unexpected nuances. 

Striking 1 People personalities include the sculptural Dresden maxi dress, the interestingly cut Vienna shirt and Mallorca skirt, as well as the brand's favorite: the Ankara joggers.

Design your own Scandi look


1 People

Choose a pair of stylish and well-fitting trousers for your Danish autumn look. Long skirts are also very fashionable. 

A genuine sweater is a safe choice. You can add layers by wearing a blouse underneath the sweater and/or a vest on top. 

Spice up your outfit with big stud earrings or a chunky necklace. Remember to go overboard with the colors of bags, shoes and scarves. Massive, chunky sneakers are also a trendy shoe choice.

It is fashionable that your clothes and accessories have a story. Scandi fashion wears grandma's old jewelry, vintage treasures and flea market finds with pride. 

1 People allocates 40% of its profits to its education programme Business For Planet, which promotes socially responsible business start-ups and sustainable entrepreneurship.  

Discover 1 People's range of quality womenswear here.