Finnish knitwear

Do you want a Finnish knitwear? - Five reasons to choose Finnish

As the winter and dusk approaches, thoughts turn to comfortable knitwear.

Isn’t it wonderful to hurry into the morning rush, spend the day at the office, pop out for some lunch, and come home in the evening - when you're not cold?

Sustainable fashion marketplace IVALO.COM is known for its unique, ecological, and ethical knitwear brands, offering the world's best wool and contemporary design.

Genuine woolen clothing is more fashionable than ever. People who wear knitwear have learned to prefer high-quality materials that are easy to care for. The days of flimsy acrylic knitwear are over, and quality knitwear is now cherished for real.

IVALO.COM recommends the bold designs of The Knotty Ones and Tenné for a trendy knitwear fan, the reasonably priced Rhea for a high-quality merino wool lover, and the strong and durable Gotland wool from Residus for an outdoor enthusiast.

Our international sustainable knitwear brands also offer recycled Italian cashmere (Rifò) and feminine knitwear classics for workwear (Enteliér).

However, if you want to choose a sustainable Finnish knit, here are five reasons why favoring Finnish pays off:

1. Vote for the common good

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Buying from a Finnish company is a way to invest in social good, especially in difficult times. In recent years, small businesses have been hit hard by the global crises, with many struggling to survive.

Finnish knitwear for everyday use, festivities, and working life provides employment - and pays taxes to Finland. Well-known Finnish knitwear brands include, for example, Voglia and PURA Finland.

The newer Finnish fashion brands Aarrelabel, Kaiko, Papu, and Nouki also have a beloved range of knitwear.

Among the Finnish knitwear brands’ selection, you'll find quality knitted dresses, cardigans, and sweaters that, with the right wool wash and care, will last from one wearer to another.

2. A Finn knows how to layer

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The unique northern winter conditions and the demands regarding knitwear are best understood by a pioneer like Tampere-based Tam Silk, which has been clothing Finnish people since 1925.

After hundreds of years of product development, Tam Silk is praised for its durable merino wool, luxurious merino silk, bamboo, and cotton, all of which feel wonderful on the skin.

Tam Silk is popular among people, who dress in layers, as its collection includes warm Finnish woolen pants, underwear, base layers, pants, shirts, scarves, and beanies.

Long live winter and Tam Silk!

3. You can count on Finnish

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Finnish companies and products have a good reputation and the Finnish authorities are the most controlled and legitimate in the world. Customer safety is also enhanced by accessible customer service and a high level of consumer protection.

In knitwear, especially the traceability of raw materials is critical, as is the manufacturing of knitwear during production.

Finnish operators in the clothing industry have a lot of knowledge about sustainability and its importance.

Sustainable Finnish knitwear brands know the manufacturers and the origin of their products and are responsible for the transparency of the production process.

4. Zero Waste Innovation from Finland

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The new Finnish knitwear brand EKTA Helsinki manufactures all its knitwear products locally from Finnish raw materials - in Finland.

EKTA is local, zero waste, and certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. EKTA also has the Key Flag mark as a sign of Finnish production.

EKTA Helsinki uses Finnish sheep's wool as the raw material for its products, which the brand has processed for machine knitting. Previously, Finnish wool has only been available as handmade yarn.

The innovative material is sparsely processed, clean, soft, breathable, and contains natural wool fat.

EKTA's favorites are the Elizabeth cardigan, Katrine striped knitwear, and the Alexa and Alex roll-neck sweaters.

Another hit of the winter season is the contemporary and stylish herringbone patterned wool scarves.

5. IVALO.COM's knitwear favorites are the sustainable Finnish ones

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Many of IVALO.COM's most popular knits are from Finnish brands.

For example, if you’re looking for a Finnish merino wool cardigan or dress, we recommend you to check out Aarrelabel’s knitwear favorites, which are the versatile heroes of the wardrobe.

The warm, durable, and soft Finnish merino wool range for children is offered by the Finnish company Mainio.

Kaiko's cashmere wool blend is a combination of high-quality cashmere and fine wool that is wonderfully soft, light, and breathable. Kaiko offers knitted vests, knitted headwear, and sweaters, for example, from its popular cashmere blend.

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