Adorable Olly! French eco-packed aesthetics

Mathilde and Clémentine, two French women and good friends call their fashion brand Olly a crazy project. In the end, however, it has become a dream come true.

Olly Lingerie

Certified organic cotton and recycled lace

Many women recognize and appreciate the loveliness of good lingerie; wearing beautiful and comfortable underwear is a treat for oneself that perks up both regular and festive days. High-quality lingerie is a part of a holistic personal wardrobe and has a lot to do with the feeling of belonging and being at home in one's outfit.

France is the promised land of feminine and sensual lingerie. The fellow students Mathilde and Clémentine got an idea of ecological underwear anyhow while being in student exchange in Berlin. The inspiring spirit and green innovations of the city encouraged the women to invent something they had been looking for but never found.

That’s how Olly came to existence: fairly produced European underwear made of organic cotton and recycled lace without big result-oriented business or corporation behind it. Olly’s products are priced exactly according to the true costs of making them – there are no profit-greedy shareholders in the background. The actual costs are ensuring an appropriate salary for the people working in the production chain.

Olly Amour & Love

A French manifesto for pleasure, elegance, and beauty

Mathilde and Clémentine want to live in a world where women still reserve a right to a bit of feminine vanity, without exploitation or destruction of natural resources. We have permission to purchase pretty things and feel joy for having them. This French manifesto materializes perfectly in Olly’s innovative products.

It’s not necessarily easy to buy lingerie ”the Olly way”: deliberately aesthetic, but at the same time made of soft GOTS-certified organic cotton with recycled materials and comfortable, meticulous design. In addition, Olly has the Öko-tex certificate that guarantees there are no harmful colors or other foul substances that come close to your skin.

Clémentine has today given up her regular bicycle trip to the postal office, but Olly still relies on an ethical-ecological logistics process that might bring some delay on arrivals. So we ask you to give some time to your French delicacies to find you – they will make their way to you in some weeks, so we suggest you prepare your order with the dates of celebration in mind well forehand. 

Olly Dawa & Onyx

Classical chic, playful girly, or dainty unique?

Olly’s bras and underpants cherish the French playfulness. Amour-bras and Love-panties are decorated with charming velvet hearts. Surprising colors like peach and electric blue bring some lovely girly vibes.

If you crave some extra sensuality and unique details, your choice would be the transparent design Selune, the geometric lace pattern Dawa, or for example the Onyx panties with a jewelry pendant. The colors are mainly coruscating in this strong French trio: black, white, and dark garnet red.

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