New IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation is here

New IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation is here

When shopping for clothes, it can be difficult to obtain accurate information about the ethicality or environmental impact of purchasing decisions. It is not easy to distinguish genuinely sustainable companies and products from greenwashing.

According to a survey conducted in 2022 by The Consumers’ Union of Finland, up to 81% of consumers found it very or fairly difficult to identify which product is genuinely responsible.

The EU is addressing the issue of greenwashing that misleads consumers with a proposal for a directive on environmental advertising. However, it will take time to create a comprehensive and harmonized regulation.

As a solution, the sustainable fashion marketplace IVALO.COM has developed a unique IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation tool.

Wear your values

IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation collects extensive brand-specific sustainability data. Sustainability is reviewed under eight different areas.

The areas to be evaluated are working conditions and labour, environmental impact, sustainable materials, transparent value chain, design for circular economy, inclusion and community, commitments and policies and responsible e-commerce. There are around 250 data points to be validated.

"Understanding the balance of power between different aspects of sustainability and the specificities of the product category is essential when comparing different brands. The IVALO.COM 360 validation process takes a holistic view of the entire value chain of a company and is able to assess the sustainability of different types of products. This makes it easier and faster for the consumer to make a comparison." Outi Pyy, Sustainability Director, IVALO.COM

"The IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation allows consumers to find companies and products that match their values and motivations. For one person, for example, minimizing carbon emissions is important, while for another, fair working conditions are essential." Matti Lamminsalo, CEO, IVALO.COM

IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation

International interest and co-operation

IVALO.COM 360 has been developed in collaboration with European sustainability experts under the leadership of IVALO.COM's Sustainability Director Outi Pyy. It has already attracted widespread interest globally.

The tool has been adopted by more than 130 fashion brands from 16 European countries. All validated brands and their results can be found on the IVALO.COM website.

IVALO.COM 360 helps fashion brands to make their sustainability more concrete and develop it. It also provides information on customers' preferences and purchasing criteria. Information on sustainability helps to evaluate performance and improve the reliability of communication.

"IVALO.COM 360 is a great tool for consumers and brands alike - it provides much-needed concrete guidance and encourages us all towards a more sustainable future." Jan Timm, CEO, Globe Hope

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