IVALO.COM doubled its sales and recruited Outi Pyy as Head of Sustainability

Sustainable fashion marketplace IVALO.COM has again doubled its sales in 2022. Last year, the sustainable fashion retailer had sales of around €2 million. The success of the company and the brand shows that genuine sustainability sells and customers believe in the category.

Value-based purchasing is growing and there is a growing range of products to match. Early 2023, IVALO.COM's growing team was joined by renowned textile sustainability consultant and critic Outi Pyy, who has been named Sustainability Influencer of the Year.

The Finnish online store and marketplace of sustainable fashion IVALO.COM is targeting the international fashion market, and making significant growth in a period of major change in the clothing industry.

IVALO.COM has grown during the pandemic and the economic crisis, despite the difficult global situation.

The success of the company and the brand shows that genuine responsibility sells and customers believe in the category.

IVALO.COM sells both Finnish and European brands, whose sustainability is verified before they join the marketplace.

Outi Pyy joined the IVALO.COM management team as Head of Sustainability

Outi Pyy, a well-known textile sustainability consultant and critic, joined the growing IVALO.COM team at the beginning of 2023.

Outi Pyy is a renowned textile sustainability consultant and critic in Finland. Outi Pyy, who has been selected as the 2020 Sustainability Influencer of the Year, is one of Finland's most vocal advocates for responsible consumption (textiles and fashion).

Outi is a professional in the field of responsible textiles, sustainable garment care, and recycled fashion. Her expertise and views are valued also by media.

Outi has been advising her followers and spreading the message of sustainable style and garment care on Instagram (@outilespyy) for almost 10 years.

"The timing is really interesting right now! Sustainability is no longer a trend, but the new normal. At IVALO.COM, we are finding solutions to finally make sustainability easy for the customer.

I have been following the clothing industry and its transformation for 25 years from the 90s to today. I am very optimistic about the future; good things are happening in the world now, in spite of the crises.

IVALO.COM is playing a key role in making a concrete change in the huge clothing industry and the retail sector. IVALO.COM is an important player in the sustainability field and will help a wide range of companies in this change. We receive and will share data that will help also others to improve their operations and their business." Outi Pyy, Head of Sustainability.

"IVALO.COM has had the courage to hire an impartial expert and a fierce critic. It shows that we are transparent and have a genuine desire to make a difference.

 We have already received feedback from our customers that we are glad Outi is there, so we don't have to worry!

We want to support responsible brands and businesses and make ethical and ecological choices super easy for customers. The consumer never has to wonder if a garment is responsible or not, because everything is validated." Matti Lamminsalo, CEO.

For more information, contact:

IVALO.COM, Matti Lamminsalo CEO

tel. +358 40 500 2607

email: matti@ivalo.com

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