Sustainable plus-size fashion - Vastuullista plus-size muotia

IVALO.COM surveyed the availability of sustainable plus-size fashion - here are the results

For a long time, we have received feedback from customers at IVALO.COM that there is a need for more plus sizes in sustainable fashion. Customers also often request more in-depth size information for online shopping.

Based on customer feedback, IVALO.COM has carried out a Sizing and Measurements Study this autumn 2023, targeting sustainable fashion brands:

  1. the ways in which measurements are displayed
  2. the range of sizes
  3. size weightings; and
  4. the representation of the brand imagery.

    The purpose of collecting this data is not only to better serve customers - but also to inform the fashion labels sold on our marketplace on how they can better reflect inclusivity in their own operations. The research and development of our online shop will continue.

    Inclusivity in clothing and apparel manufacturing means non-discriminatory, equal, and inclusive design, production, and practices. 
    Offering an adequate range of sizes in the collections is one way of ensuring that a wide range of people can dress more responsibly.

    In addition, size indication plays a major role in helping customers find the right garment for them.

    Sustainable plus-size fashion

    IVALO.COM aims to add diversity to conventional fashion imagery. We defend all kinds of bodies. Each individual's permission to be present, to find their own sustainable clothes, and to enjoy dressing.

    We want to offer an inclusive service through IVALO.COM marketplace. The world needs an online shop that also offers high-quality, personalized, and sustainable plus-size fashion in one place. From that stylishly curated selection that has been validated as sustainable, the customer must be free to choose.

    According to our 2023 survey, around one in five of IVALO.COM's brands offer 'plus sizes', which for us start at EU46 (bust 104 cm, hips 112 cm) for women's clothing. The measurements are from the Finnish women's size chart N-2001.

    Discover the top-ranked brands in the IVALO.COM Sizing and Measurements Study here.

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    Outi Pyy
    Head of Sustainability