It's time to go into the woods, get on your skis, breathe in the fresh air

An inexpensive and simple outdoor activity helps you to reset the past and embrace the winds of the new year. A run is a good way to reflect on your desires and resolutions for the year ahead, while letting the crisp winds of January nourish your body and mind.

The function of sportswear and outdoor clothing is not only to help you stay comfortably warm, but also to point the way towards more sustainable and clean dressing. The conscious exerciser chooses clothing that will protect white winters and clean forests for generations to come.


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Sustainable sportswear is an expression of gratitude for the uniqueness of nature.

Day-to-day climate actions and ethics can be part of every small step towards a better well-being and a better future.

Check out for example Pressio, Ukuthula and Népra - and enjoy Pure Power.