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Pure Waste, a Finnish manufacturer of sustainable fashion, uses only 100% recycled fibers in their products. Pure Waste's zero-waste ideology is based on the brand's genuine desire to make a difference to the environmental footprint of the clothing industry.

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Pure Waste's recycled fabrics and products made from them generate 50% less carbon dioxide emissions and consume 99.9% less water than their counterparts made from virgin materials.

Pure Waste's use of recycled materials is not limited to fabrics or clothing. All manufacturing materials by the brand are 99% recycled. Pure Waste recycles everything from cardboard boxes to bags wherever possible.

Pure Waste takes concrete responsibility through its own activities and recycling culture - and wants to inspire others to do the same:

"We don't just improve our own actions; we want to work with our partners and customers to find sustainable solutions.

We want to work sustainably and inspire others to take steps in the same direction with us. By example, we can show how things can be done better. We encourage people in to thinking and questioning."

Hannes Bengs ja Karoliina Kujala, Pure Waste, Brand & Marketing

Pure Waste

Courage in the chest

Inspired by clean Finnish nature, Pure Waste has been operating since 2013 - and will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2023. Pure Waste's business is currently growing nicely, and the brand is happy to tell that sustainable fashion is doing very good!

The growing trend of awareness is becoming more and more visible in people's everyday lives and clothing choices. Thanks to the increasing demand for sustainable fashion, Pure Waste has been able to expand its customer portfolio and contribute to the growth of eco-fashion in a wider sense. Pure Waste not only makes its own collections but also produces for other brands.

 "Pure Waste's customers are conscious people who consider recycling and sustainability important. Our collection consists mostly of casual and easy clothes that are suitable for all ages, regardless of gender.

Our products are sustainable and durable, in use and over time. We design and produce unisex clothing for all ages and sizes. The "Boyfriend Sweatshirt" is an example of a favorite for general and communal use."

Pure Waste

"We like to keep our product range compact to avoid overproduction. By producing smaller quantities several times a year, the collection remains fresh and interesting at the same time.

Pure Waste's latest DROPS clothing collection was launched this spring and the next batch will be out in the autumn. The collection is a collaboration between the brand and our customers; we have responded to consumer demand by introducing requested colors and garments to the collection. DROPS is also a close dialogue with users of Pure Waste, which enhances our understanding of our customers. This is very important to us.

In the future, we will be releasing 2-4 DROPS per year, through which we plan to introduce bolder cuts and garment designs alongside traditional everyday garments. By popular demand, design for women is also coming to the fore."

Hannes Bengs and Karoliina Kujala, Pure Waste, Brand & Marketing

Pure Waste

If you only choose one - take a t-shirt

Hannes and Karoliina from Pure Waste Brand & Marketing tell us that Pure Waste's black t-shirt is a long-standing favorite in the range year after year.

"Although black is the most popular color, the other colors don't do badly either. Good quality and classic in design, the T-shirt is suitable for both men and women."

Pure Waste's collections are made up of high-quality, ethically produced everyday clothes that are the foundation of every wardrobe.

Time with Covid has exploded the popularity of Pure Waste's home wear, including a range of sweatpants. It still seems strong that people are interested in dressing casually and comfortably.

"Some of our favorites include the new products of the DROPS collection. DROPS is an ongoing collection designed for consumers and this year it is largely made up of Loose Fit garments. With the DROPS collections, we get to play around with new products and colors, which we are super excited about.”

Hannes Bengs and Karoliina Kujala, Pure Waste, Brand & Marketing

Pure Waste

Welcome back

Pure Waste collects and recycles textile industry offcuts at the original source in India. The same scrap is used to make new quality clothing products.

Pure Waste not only manufactures its garments from recycled materials - it also runs a take-back service, to which used clothing from the brand at the end of its life cycle can be sent.

"The take-back service has been running for a long time, but we still have to remind and encourage people to bring their end-of-life clothes back to us.

Our hope would be to get as many products made by Pure Waste back as possible so that we can recycle them into new fibers and continue to make new fabrics and products from them in the future."

Hannes Bengs and Karoliina Kujala, Pure Waste, Brand & Marketing

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