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Online store returns are an important subject again. For example, Eetti (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry, Pro Ethical Trade Finland) released an article in which we find a fact that in Finnish online sales, the return percentage is 33%. The number is higher than in other Nordic countries.

Online stores selling fast fashion have an even higher percentage, as high as 50%. Concerning emissions, there seems to be no remarkable difference if the product is bought online or from a shop. The online return percentage is the factor that creates the difference comparing to shopping in a physical store.

"Buying online, the shipping is about a tenth of the emissions of the product. However, the returns at the least double the emissions." - Eetti

Eetti also writes about other important features in sustainable online business. For example, all the brands available at IVALO.COM agree not to destroy the returned goods. Also, all the products sold at the marketplace have to meet the minimum standards of social and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability framework and the return percentage

The sixth theme in IVALO.COM in sustainability framework concerns the sustainability of online sales. The framework is developed in collaboration with researchers at Aalto University. A minimum requirement for all the brands is that the returned goods will not be burned or dumped in landfills. Also, most of the brands on our marketplace pack their products with natural or recycled materials.

The return percentage at IVALO.COM has annually been max. 16% and we continuously keep an eye on it.

The actions for minimizing the returns

We strive for lowering our return percentage with the help of our customer service, by collecting information about the returned goods, and by further improving our product information.

Some of the design products sold at IVALO.COM are made by small indie brands – some of the information or pictures about the products may be inadequate. We aim to communicate with the brands and try perfecting the descriptions together.

According to the feedback so far, the most common reason for returns has been the size of the product – too big. We are sifting through this issue with our brands and taking a close look at the size charts available. If some brand’s item seems to regularly come back as too big or too small, we write this notion down to the product cards seen in our store, when you are shopping for the certain piece.

Customer service

We hope that you contact us if we can help you to choose the right product or the right size. Don’t hesitate! We can help you for example with the exact measures of a certain product. The customer service at IVALO.COM is available in both English and Finnish.

On our homepage, you’ll find a customer service chat, where you will get an answer to your question within an hour, during office hours. We will be happy to answer your messages via Instagram or email, too.

The new returns portal

Concerning your returns, we kindly ask you to carefully choose the reason for your returns, and a short comment into the additional notes window – this extra information you write is very precious to our sustainability work. It helps us to reduce the returns and the emissions caused by them in the future.

When we have more specific information about the return reasons – is it about sizes or some other features of the product – we can focus our development actions on the exactly right places.

Development work

A remarkable amount of the products ordered and sent via IVALO.COM marketplace are delivered by DHL transport. DHL enables environmentally friendly shipping. When you order products from local brands, you often minimize the transporting distance of your goods.

Be a part of our sustainability work as a customer!

Only buy it if you love it

We encourage you to purchase goods with care – the most important thing about sustainability is to replace the quantity with the quality. When you think thoroughly about what you really need, you minimize the unnecessary returns.

We on our hand do our best to ensure that every product you buy from us meets the minimum requirements of social and ecological sustainability, and more: the sustainability framework.

Take your time with the ordering process

Take a good look at the pictures and the size chart. At the moment, most of the brands have their own charts to help you to pick the exact size for you. We recommend using a tape measure – it is a helpful friend when you order online!

Tell us how you’d like us to improve our service

We want to be better and improve all the time, so we are grateful for your thoughts and experiences at our online store. The positive ones are welcome as well! Feel free to send your feedback via Instagram or email: Thank you!

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