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The Hidden Gems blog series showcases the lesser-known designer brands of sustainable fashion, as well as secret favorites of the IVALO.COM team and customers.

AmourLinen - for the love of linen


By launching the sustainable home textiles category at IVALO.COM in spring 2023, we were able to get the Lithuanian linen brand AmourLinen to our shop.

AmourLinen designs and manufactures home textiles and sustainable linen garments for men and women.

AmourLinen was founded by Lukas and Miglė, who want to encourage people to buy less but better. 

For its founder, Lukas, AmourLinen is a love of Lithuania, its long tradition of craftsmanship, and its excellent linen, which he wants to put on the world map in a well-deserved position. 

Miglė has previously worked in France with several fashion brands and at AmourLinen, she wants to make fashion slower - and holistically sustainable.

The secret of AmourLinen


When AmourLinen arrived at IVALO.COM, we were delighted with its rich and stylish color range. Sustainable linen was more than welcome, and the team members were excited to order and try out the brand's stylish kitchen towels and trendy bed linen themselves.

Soon our customers discovered AmourLinen clothing too. As summer arrived, their popularity exploded. 

IVALO.COM's Hidden Gems now whispers to the unaware that AmourLinen happens to have the best linen in the world. It's durable and soft, beautifully textured, and perfectly authentic.

Another fact worth mentioning is that the small Lithuanian brand sells its stunning quality linen at a very reasonable price. It's easy to fall in love with this Baltic treasure, and you won't find anything like it in big-budget fashion houses.

The incredible high-quality linen from Lukas and Miglė and the delicacies made from it are a tribute to Lithuanian handicraft culture.

Luxury linen is an elegant pleasure


Linen is not the cheapest of materials. The higher the quality of linen, often the more expensive it is. 

Experts in quality clothing and home textiles already demand a lot from their linen. Linen is not only a very classic material, it is also very fashionable at the moment and is widely available from chain stores to brand shops.

Low-quality linen is often hard and does not improve with washing. Poor or cheap linen does not settle as elegantly as high-quality linen, does not return to its shape after washing, and will not last for long-term use.

High-quality linen is the perfect summer sensation as it absorbs moisture well and transfers heat. Linen is very good at absorbing water in kitchen textiles.

Especially in the warmer seasons, it is lovely to sleep in clean linen sheets and spend the day at home in a linen robe. Skin-friendly linen is non-allergenic.

Casually stylish linen can also be worn in the heat, from weddings to garden parties or to work. It's a dignified and slightly bohemian material for festive wear and a sophisticated and elegant material for everyday wear.

AmourLinen's sustainable linen products are carefully handcrafted in Vilnius, Lithuania. Click here to see the full selection.

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