Sustainably produced gloves and mittens are the best way to keep your hands warm and comfortable while looking absolutely stylish.

Super nice and soft gloves are made by f.ex. Bibico from England. They are against using cheap synthetic materials in clothes and accessories production; Bibico uses purely natural materials.
Bibico’s gloves and mittens and made of cozy and warming natural materials, bringing leniency and sweetness to various outfits and styles.

Stylish leather gloves by the Finnish LUMI are a popular pick. Nevertheless, IVALO.COM hit product when it comes to handwear is Power Wrist Gaiters by Houdini – a famous classic in Houdini’s selection. These warming and moisture-wicking wristbands are made of surplus fabrics of another production line: the durable and innovative fleece of Polartec Power Stretch Pro. 

Houdini wristbands can be used while doing sports, camping, hiking, mushroom picking, and any everyday tasks. They go together with your smart devices in a handy way, too.