TO THE MAX - Autumn fashion trends 2022

TO THE MAX - Autumn fashion trends 2022

Beautiful and soon colorful autumn is here once again. What are the hottest topics of this autumn's fashion styles?

Join us on the catwalks and enjoy the fun of the latest trends - sustainably.

Blazers and suits

Power suits are a must-have for every wardrobe. Suits and blazers have a loose fit. The shoulder lines have volume, as do the trouser legs.

Feel free to choose a little bigger than your standard size, and go bold with color.

Brand tips: Capsule Studio, TOMCSANYI, Enteliér, Carolina Machado


Organic Knitwear

Now it is time to say goodbye to plastic knitwear if you already haven't. Real wool is 1) warming, 2) stylish and 3) easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Focus on knitwear's design and quality. You can wear sweaters on a day-to-day basis and as part of a formal outfit. Patterns, different textures, knitted dresses, and vests are now particularly trendy.

You should also remember to take care of your clothes for example by using clothes brushes and wool combs.

Brand tips: The Knotty Ones, EKTA Helsinki, Leap Concept, PURA Finland

Animal prints

Panthers and zebras are here! The wild animal prints are familiar from the 80's and 90's, boldly seen now in dresses, sweaters, skirts, and accessories. You'll see some eye-catching patterned pants as part of the trendy seasonal outfits.

Put on a wild cat print for the end of the year's festivities or for the Christmas parties. There are also modernized versions available on the market.

Brand tips: KAIKO, Miia Halmesmaa

Knitwer and animal prints


If you're into experimenting and exploring, now's the time to mix shabby grunge, simple scandinavian style, glittery glam rock and dark mellow goth culture.

Youth trends, subcultures and high fashion blend into a fusion of fashion that has no boundaries. Start with personal accessories and statement pieces. Remember, even broken clothes will do.

Brand tips: Vejits, WWOOLLFF CO.

Maxi skirts, sleeves, and trousers

Let it loose!

The sleeves are fluttering, the maxi skirts are flowing and there's plenty of volume in the sleeves.

Autumn clothing is not only rich in fabric, it’s also full of color and detail. Everything from lace to pearls and metallic shimmering to pockets is allowed.

For the more modest ones, there's an option to choose loose jeans and a relaxed chunky knit or a giant sweater.

Brand tips: Residus, Aarrelabel, Kaiko

Ripped jeans and maxi-length clothes

Opera gloves and knee socks

The long-standing ankle sock trend is leveling up, with socks reaching up to the knee - and beyond. Long socks can be worn with shorts, skirts, heels, and sneakers.The season's trendiest socks have a touch of sparkle.

Brand tips: Swedish Stockings, PURA Finland, CasaGin


A bit stronger sorbet colors first accompanied the pastel colors.

Now, the focus of attention in clothing is on the neon shades of the 80's, especially orange, blue, and green. Pair with black or white.

Brand tips: Residus, Aarrelabel

Neon clothes and layering

True Blue

If only one of the autumn shades should be mentioned, it's azzurro - the Italian sky blue. The shades of bright orange come second.

A strong and bright shade of blue looks lovely on tanned skin after summer. It adds intensity to your outfit and is guaranteed to brighten up the grey and dark days of winter.

Brand tips: Enteliér, Haris Cotton, Scarlett Poppies


Be open-minded with layering. Put a knit on a dress, a belt on a knit - and then add a jacket. Don't forget a scarf or a collar. You can wear two pairs of gloves at once. You can also put a piece of jewelry on top of the gloves.

Brand tips: Kaiko, PURA Finland, Leap Concept, The Knotty Ones