Trendsplant: love for active lifestyle, activism and elephants

Trendsplant: love for active lifestyle, activism and elephants

One of IVALO.COM's newcomers this summer is Trendsplant from Alicante, Spain. Trendsplant has a wide range of products, making it easy to complete the wardrobe of the whole family.

Take a look at Trendsplant in a nutshell and discover a brand that is well on its way to becoming the fashion industry leader of the near future.


Trendsplant products reflect a sporty feeling that fits in with an active lifestyle. The clothes are all about outdoor life, long weekends and cosy evenings at home. Trendsplant’s selection consists of e.g. laid-back hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps.

Choose Trendsplant for the golf course, a trip to the cottage, a football game and festivals. The brand's selection also offers you a possibility to create unique urban office wear.

People outdoors.


Trendsplant is a sustainable company that, in its own words, makes clothes "with a purpose".

Trendsplant is part of B Corp™ and 1% for the Planet. B Corp™ is a global movement that believes in business as a force for social change.

1% for the planet is an international organisation whose members contribute at least 1% of their annual turnover to work on the protection of the environment.

Trendsplant's activism puts the common good ahead of self-interest. Trendsplant gives concrete priority to the well-being of people and the environment in its business activities.


Trendsplant is a high ranking player in the IVALO.COM sustainability framework.

Sustainability leaders not only exceed the minimum standards of sustainability, but also set an example for other brands through their sustainability activities.

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Trendsplant uses mainly soft and comfortable organic cotton from Portugal, which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

GOTS is a well-known international standard that requires finished products to contain at least 70% organic fibre.

The GOTS requirements also apply to the production of garments, including the use of chemicals, water consumption, waste and its disposal.


The mood and shades of Trendsplant have a Mediterranean and Californian feel. Trendsplant is based in the famous Spanish resort town, whose light and relaxed atmosphere extends to the brand's clothing.

One of the most interesting features of Trendsplant's design is the wonderful colours. You'll recognise natural tones, fresh sunrises and dark watercolours in the clothes.

Clever colour combinations and specific shades offer your outfit a personal flavour that won't be encountered on every street corner.

Colourful clothes.


Trendsplant's signature is the elephant figure. In some garments, the elephant symbol is unnoticeable, but in others it's a bold message.

The elephant is a reminder of the disappearing natural resources and the threat to our planet.

The elephant is also seen as a bringer of good luck. In Indian tradition in particular, it has powers of prosperity, perseverance, wisdom and strength.