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The spring jubilee of the IVALO.COM sustainable fashion, Dare to Wear, is fully on! The looks of this spring are relaxed, abundant, and colorful.

Have you thought of purchasing a dress this year for any occasion?

Check out the most fashionable dresses of this spring and summer. These sustainable enchanting styles surely offer something sweet for every taste.

Scandi trends meet the Middle East 

A dash of exotic Middle Eastern artisan style has arrived from the United Arab Emirates.

One of the secret favorites of IVALO.COM is Scarlett Poppies. It produces unique clothing made of linen, cotton, silk, and viscose – avoiding any waste.

If you’re looking for a splashy feminine piece for special occasions, Scarlett Poppies might be just for you.  The brand’s design is clear-cut, spiced up with unique details and ethnic embroidery.

Scarlett Poppies is spot on for summer holidays and parties. The collection is full of sustainable dresses, tops, tunics, and jumpsuits – plus the perfect kaftans and kimonos to pack your vacay suitcase.

Scarlett Poppies

Finnish fashion on the trails of traditions

The spring collections of domestic brands are filled with showy prints and strong colors following the footprints of the Finnish textile art of the past decades. 

For example, the popular brands Kaiko and Aarrelabel are paying homage to the traditions of domestic fashion and the classic power designs of such brands as Marimekko and Vuokko – but in a modern style. 

When you wear a dress by Kaiko or Aarrelabel, you are proudly a part of the celebration and continuum of Finnish fashion.

Aarrelabel & Kaiko

A dress like a piece of art

The queen choice for the spring and summer parties is something for you if you have a courageous and topical taste – and it’s called Miia Halmesmaa.
This dress is bold and beautiful!

Halmesmaa produces glorious dresses made-to-order. The designs are great favorites from year to year, and it’s easy to see why. 

Halmesmaa uses surplus fabrics and produces small batches, so the shades, patterns, and textures vary. You’ll genuinely get a unique piece. At the moment, especially different green tones are hot.

Miia Halmesmaa

Fresh versatility

One of the most popular brands at IVALO.COM is the Swedish Residus. The simple Scandinavian style of this Stockholm brand started with dresses.

The selection of Residus has since grown to include many kinds of clothing, but their dresses still deserve the full 10 points.

The virtuosity concerning dresses is shown in the fresh and timeless designs of Residus. Customer feedback is carefully taken into consideration and is very visible in their product development. 

Residus asked the women using their clothes, what is a perfect dress like? The winning answer is a simply stylish design with comfortable materials and a great dose of the well-known Swedish nose for trends.


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