Sustainability trends 2023

Sustainability trends 2023

Welcome to discover the sustainability trends for the year 2023. 

IVALO.COM has used a magnifying glass, a microscope and a crystal ball to study the phenomena and predictions circulating around the world. 

The buzzword "sustainability" is beginning to take on a concrete form, as actions are needed instead of words.

True sustainability is real, transparent and needs to genuinely be invested in.

We have selected some of the current trends that are topical at IVALO.COM.

Here are the sustainability trends that resonate with us for 2023:

Home haven


Pandemic life gave new meaning and shape to home.

The covid lockdowns and the insecurity of the world showed us how important home is. Some organizations went to work remotely and home became a place of work.

IVALO.COM's recently launched, and soon expanding, category for sustainable home textiles and home decor products will help us dodge fast trends, environmental irresponsibility and unethical production at home too. 

Home is now being made a sustainable oasis for peace of mind, well-being - and life.

Easy ethics


People and consumers are taking a tougher stance on brands promoting social responsibility and environmental issues globally and locally. 

Consumers want to support products, services and experiences that are sourced, produced and shared locally.

The origin of goods produced further afield must be trusted, and the ethical responsibility of production is also highlighted.

IVALO.COM wants to make sustainable choices easy for its customers. 

The sustainable fashion's marketplace offers at a glance more than 130 fashion brands that have passed the sustainability framework.

Personalized commerce

One of IVALO.COM's New Year's mottos is "data-driven." 

People's need for targeted, increasingly personalized products, services and offers is growing. 

A data-driven approach will help small, responsible brands to operate more professionally and serve better - to rise alongside and ahead of the big ones.

IVALO.COM's data expertise benefits clothing buyers and producers alike.

Redefined luxury

Redefined luxury

The market for luxury goods and services is changing.

Instead of chubby status symbols, luxury is seen in terms of quality, ecology and simplicity. 

The desire for practicality and sustainability is also moving into the wardrobe, which is becoming smaller and more efficient.

People are also increasingly interested in new alternatives to resource-intensive ownership and use.

Empathetic brands

Sustainable brands

Companies are increasingly embodying human qualities such as empathy and openness.

Brands are called upon to be truthful and genuine. A capacity for compassion and listening.

IVALO.COM sells passionate brands whose founders are personally and actively committed to the goal of transforming the apparel industry and creating a better world.

Brands work at the customer interface with a desire to have honest and direct conversations about mutual desires and experiences.

Evidence-based value

Time is running out for unjustified claims and greenwashing.

Brands and products with genuinely proven benefits will stand out from the crowd and replace unjustified claims with proven performance.

IVALO.COM has been working on the new sustainability criteria during 2022.

The accountability that the marketplace places on its brands will be further enhanced as we look to continue to find the brightest top of sustainable brands as the growing sustainability trend takes over more space. 

Circular economy

clothing care

The world is now striving to create innovative and sustainable business models that reduce waste and extend the life of products. 

Circular economy rates for products and materials need to be multiplied to meet emissions targets.

IVALO.COM is investing in garment care. Sustainable clothing brands make extensive use of recycled materials in the manufacture of their garments. Sustainable clothing manufacturers also organize repair and recycling services for their products.

Hybrid engagement

In difficult times, the world needs more than ever to foster a sense of community and belonging.

Ethical behaviour, interaction, direct speech and feedback, and face-to-face interaction are shortening the distance between people and cultures.

IVALO.COM's mission is to bring together manufacturers and users of sustainable fashion. 

The marketplace builds a sustainable community and aims to bring people together in the critical transformation of the clothing industry.

Workplace revolution

Flexibility in working arrangements and freedom of self-fulfilment are important features and competitive factors in today's and tomorrow's working life.

IVALO.COM is an up-to-date start-up for which tolerance, diversity and continuous innovation are self-evident.

The IVALO.COM team works from Southern Europe to Northern Finland. The team is experimenting and learning new practices along with the company's growth journey.

Every mistake is always an opportunity, and every win is shared.