Fashion trends 2023 do not require new clothing

Fashion trends 2023 do not require new clothing

Dive into your closet and cellar to find treasures, as this year's women's fashion trends bring back memories of past decades.

The trends in clothing don't necessarily require a new wardrobe. You'll find up-to-date items for your outfits from your home or local second-hand shop.

Trendy is also a way of dressing. Sometimes, people's herd mentality towards a style encourages even the shyest ones to try a bold colour, personalized shoes or even a crop top!

Belly button

People in crop tops.

The belly button is now boldly featured, without need for a six-pack.

Every belly is more than welcome in 2023, as crop tops will be worn for everyday and special occasions.

Mix and match a choice of cropped tops with loose cardigans and blazers, wide-leg trousers or bikers. The top can be bra-length or waist-length, depending what you prefer.

Oversized tops

People in oversized blazers and knitwear.

Boxy blazers will continue to be wardrobe staples. Oversize knitwear and sweaters as well.

For a blazer, feel free to choose a bold colour, like the ones from Capsule Studio.

The style can easily be found at home, so get your dad's old knitwear and give it a full makeover.


People in asymmetric clothes.

Both dresses and shirts now leave one shoulder or arm bare.

Some asymmetry can also be seen in the bottoms, as deep splits and personal cuts are IN.

Check out the delights of Saint Body from Warsaw, for example.


Pockets are getting more and more numerous. Already last year, catwalks were spotting new-age cargo pants with perhaps more pockets than the trousers could hold

If you know how to sew, do it yourself. Old straight jeans or cargo pants from the nineties are perfect for the diy project.

Metallic colours

Metallic colors and fabrics.

Ah gold, silver. Rose gold. Bronze, platinum, pearl white, and black glitter.

The recent revolution in yellow-gold tones is still going strong, but also warm metallic shades are boldly mixed with a cool colour palette.

Forget rules about not mixing silver and gold clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags and other accessories. Yes, you can - and you should.

Jewellery and belts

In 2023, chain belts, leather belts and even the waist belts of the past will be worn. The waist can be emphazised again, as it was in the 80s and 90s.

Jewellery is to be seen in a wide range of colours and materials. Lucky stones, chakra stones and crystals go hand in hand.

The designs are generally simple, but that does not exclude interesting details.

Other accessories

Handbag ad two people with big scarves.

Headwear such as balaclavas hav taken over also the urban environment.

Huge scarves are wrapped up into spectacular and colourful center pieces for the whole outfit. Similarly, handbags are becoming larger and larger.

Accessories provide an easy way to change the character and look of an entire outfit, so check out your mother's, friend's or godmother's wardrobe as well to find inspiration.


Strings and ribbons can now be found not only on shoes but also on swimwear, dresses and shirts.

Ribbons bring strong visual details in clothing and add interest, boldness and individuality.

Check out Anekdot's stunning lingerie and bikinis for example.

Minis and maxis

Black and white mini and maxi skirts.

90s miniskirts are taking over the streets, cafés, schools and offices again.

You can wear the nineties minidress with ecological tights or boldly pair it with bare legs. For shoes, wear boots at all heights, loafers, ballerinas or sneakers.

Another option for the mini is the maxi. In 2023, the maxi skirts will almost certainly have a split.

The hit at IVALO.COM is the Elise Ecovero mini skirt from Residus.


Transparent clothing.

Transparent materials are coming. This year, it's fashionable to wear a transparent shirt, so even the boldest underwear can shine through.

Transparent details are seen especially in party wear, where they are combined with lace, for example.