What clothes to back in your suitcase - a checklist for successful holiday outfits

Summer holidays are at their hottest. People are traveling right now, so holiday flights, overnight trains, and airports are full of people and stuff. How can you save time and effort when packing for a holiday? A relaxing holiday starts with a successful travel wardrobe that fits into a compact space and is versatile enough.

It's up to you to enjoy being present and doing the holiday activities you most want and need.

1. Pack according to the situation! Find out the weather in your destination and choose what to pack in your suitcase, depending on whether you're cycling in the mountains or enjoying long dinners in restaurants.

2. One set of underwear per day! You don't need to bring your entire underwear box. One pair of underwear per day is enough. Also, remember that very few socks are worn on a sunny holiday.

3. Forget the "just in case" dresses at home! If you've bought an exotic summer dress on sale with the idea of taking it to Ibiza or Greece one day – chances are you won't wear it there either.

4. Workout clothes and running shoes? Think carefully about whether you need sportswear, or whether you'll be training again in a week when you get back home.

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5. Four clean, practical outfits! For a week's holiday, you'll need about four tops and about four bottoms. Choose comfortable fabrics and versatile clothes. Tops, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, linen shirts, and lightweight dresses.

6. Remember long sleeves! Even if you're traveling to the Mediterranean in July, a sweatshirt or similar long-sleeved item may be necessary. You can use it to protect your arms, neck, and back from the hottest sun of the day. If your skin burns easily, a more protective garment is a must.

7. A maxi dress or flowy trousers! Long skirts and long sleeves are also necessary. They will protect you from mosquitoes, cool evenings, and the sun if needed.

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8. Evening wear! Pack a better outfit or two if you want to dress up for restaurants or nightclubs. For example, take a dress that fits into a small space on a roll and doesn't wrinkle easily.

9. At least two pairs of shoes! If you're prepared with more than one pair of shoes, your feet will feel better on holiday. If you're on a beach, you may only need flip-flops, which you can use on holiday anyway. Comfortable sneakers are great for travel and all kinds of activities, while one pair of smarter shoes is needed for the city and evening outings.

10. A hat or a scarf! Protect your head and face from the heat. The intense sun and its UV rays age the skin and can make you feel unwell.

11. Swimwear or more than one! Whether you swim in natural waters or in a pool - or not, you never know about holidays. A swimsuit made from sustainable materials is this summer's hit and should be part of every holidaymaker's kit. A sustainable swimsuit is also a statement for the environment and water protection.

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