IVALO.COM team's picks from the summer's Season Sale

IVALO.COM team's picks from the summer's Season Sale

What would the team at IVALO.COM choose from the Season Sale? See our recommendations!

The sustainable fashion Season Sale reaches its climax. Now you can get an extra 10% discount on all products with the code EXTRA10. It is almost too hard to choose since there are almost 2,000 products. We also encourage thoughtful shopping decisions during the sale. Choose only the products that will serve you for many years to come - both in style and quality. 


1) Understatement underwear

Underwear is a daily wear item that is washed more often than other garments. This makes them faster to be "worn out". The Understatement's selection is based on the Core Collection, which remains in the selection. In addition, there will be special collections launched throughout the year.

Understatement's sweetest colours and designs launched earlier this year can now be found on discounts up to 60%. Lace panties are now travelling fast to their new owners. So hurry up while the stocks last if you want to get new, better underwear to replace the worn-out old ones.


2) Aarrelabel dresses

Finnish brand Aarrelabel has been one of IVALO.COM's best-selling brands since its launch, with a wide range and simple designs. Turn to Aarre if you're looking for a comfortable dress that will last through time and that you can style for any occasion.

The selection of dress designs suit all body types. The choice is yours - simple black or perhaps a dashing power colour?

I dig denim

3) I Dig Denim's affordable basics

More affordable sustainable fashion brands are in constant demand in our collection, but of course, sustainable production has its price. So we want to change the habit of buying a lot with cheap prices and instead guide them towards more thoughtful, long-lasting purchases. We also want to share tips and tools for taking good care of your clothes.

We've written about sustainable fashion prices before in our blog Why is sustainable fashion more expensive?

However, there are a few more affordable brands in our selection and one of them is the Swedish company I Dig Denim, which relies mainly on organic cotton on its products. If your wardrobe is in need of simple everyday clothes, the Season Sale now also offers them at great discounts. Also I Dig Denim's children's clothing is currently selling very well.


4) Népra sportswear

Népra has sneaked into our team's favourite sportswear category. We are amazed at how comfortably soft and breathable the materials in Népra's sportswear are. Népra's training pants are our absolute favourite let alone the shirts and tops.

Népra's products are not often on sale at low prices. However Season Sale has now a few bottoms and tops for both men and women at 20% off. There may be only a few sizes left, so if you can find your new favourite workout clothes on sale, you're in luck!


5) Residus - a season after season favourite

Residus is one of our team's favourites season after season. Day in, day out, we sneakily choose something from Residus to wear. From experience, we can say that the quality of Residus clothing is excellent and stays so despite being worn a lot.

We tried to choose our favourite between the dreamy soft Tencel tops, the comfortable Ecovero pants and the simple but beautiful dresses, but the choice was too difficult. So find what you need and welcome Residus into your wardrobe!