The keys to a sustainable work wardrobe

The keys to a sustainable work wardrobe

The good news for autumn at IVALO.COM is that there is no longer any reason to shy away from sustainable business clothing. If the image of eco-clothing was once muddled and varied, now the quality and style are right for even the most discerning tastes.

Sustainably produced business clothing can easily compete with conventional quality fashion in terms of price. Sustainable fashion is less likely to charge by brand, as its price is made up of genuine and transparent production costs.

Take a look at some of IVALO.COM's credit favourites in workwear for the autumn season. You'll find our favourite brands with a smart banking style, a creative media agency spirit and a soft and playful look for, say, the world of education.

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1. Capsule Studio

Capsule Studio

The hit of the autumn is Capsule Studio from Amsterdam. Everyone knows that colourful and loose blazers are one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing right now. You might be able to find them second-hand at a flea market, but if you want a new one - turn to Capsule Studio instead of a mass fashion chain or an expensive luxury brand. You'll have a long-lasting, sustainable friend in your capsule wardrobe!

Capsule Studio is particularly known for its sought-after trouser suits in gorgeous trendy colours. You can choose just a blazer and pair it with jeans, leggings or a skirt. Alternatively, you can take just the trousers with your favourite tee or autumn sweater. Of course, the most effective combination is the whole suit in one of autumn's hot colours.

2. Residus


Stockholm-based Residus is, in a word, easy dressing. One of IVALO.COM's best-selling brands of the year, Residus offers Scandinavian fashion in elegant cuts and comfortable fabrics.

Residus' designs also have a Swedish sense of style. The interest of the simple garments comes from personal hit colours or small special details that break the pattern.

By choosing Residus, you can escape the clothing crises of everyday life. One pair of trousers, a shirt in lovely Tencel and a modern dress is already an incredible trio for anyone - and you get it at a reasonable and affordable price.

3. Kaiko


One of the Finnish hit brands at IVALO.COM is Kaiko, whose gentle style makes everyday life much more beautiful.

Kaiko's patterns are loved. They combine the old romanticism and vintage spirit in a sophisticated way with the style of today's urban, bold woman. One of autumn's best workwear looks is created by combining Kaiko's patterned garments with soft knitwear.

Kaiko's super-popular polos, shirts, dresses and trousers also come in classic business colours: black, beige and white.

Kaiko's clothes and materials are designed on a keep-and-wear basis, so there's no need to stress about ironing and steaming in the middle of the busiest rhythm of everyday life.

 4. Enteliér


If you haven't yet checked out IVALO.COM's summer newcomer, the Polish brand Enteliér, then you should check out their selection now.

Enteliér is also perfect for those looking for classic and feminine European style. The design has timeless style for a more sophisticated everyday life.

Enteliér clothes are designed in Warsaw and the brand is ambitious in its approach to materials, cuts and details.

Collections include quality dresses, jackets, trousers, shirts and knitwear. The garments are responsibly made in Poland in small traditional sewing rooms.

 5. Voglia


The Voglia fashion house represents Finnish entrepreneurship and Finnish fashion with a long line of experience. Since the 1980s, Voglia has been one of the cornerstones of Finnish office wear.

During the corona pandemic, Voglia has moved from locally serving boutiques to online, but the brand still has a keen understanding of the workwear needs of Finnish customers.

Voglia's solutions for your wardrobe are built to last. You'll feel the old tailoring expertise in your fitted clothes - and you'll get your garments in larger sizes if needed. The basic Voglia size is a fair size, and plus sizes are also available.