The fun is in the details

Simple Scandinavian fashion doesn't have to be boring. You can spice up your outfit by choosing garments with a little twist. Details will be noticed and are the cherry on top of the cake for your outfit.

An appealing detail can be an interesting cut, an interesting texture, a button or belt in an unexpected place. Some of the masters of fun details in our selection include August, Residus, Carolina Machado and Diana Arno

Ruffles in Residus style


In recent years, Stockholm-based Residus has been spicing up its simple clothes with girly frills. Frills are crimped stitches that create a frilly detail on the sleeves of a t-shirt or the hem of a dress, for example.

Now, the 90's inspired elastic seams are back! Biora, Bisse and Bastia, from Residus' autumn collection, are simple pieces of clothing, with the intrigue of characterful variations of colour and elastic seams that cross and frame the garments. 

Wrinkled seams are a reminder of the resurgence of 90s fashion and the fun of dressing up.

A classic with a twist

The collared shirt is a cornerstone of the capsule wardrobe and forever in fashion. 

Minimalist August is known at IVALO.COM for its cutting-edge cuts and details. The design is innovative in shirts such as Jasmine, Rita, Luisa and Leelo, which add interesting new dimensions to classic clothing.

Our favourites in this series also include Facon Jacmin's Coco Sartorial and Carolina Machado's Seed and Azure. 

A belt or a button to catch the eye


Diana Arno is a master at creating timeless and feminine fashion with eye-catching details. Arno's dresses, blazers and jackets often feature an accentuated waistline that is artfully highlighted. 

Another magnificent designer, Carolina Machado's iconic Fleur Trousers are a masterpiece.

The magic of textures


Textures bring warmth to clothes. Among IVALO.COM's brands, the popular knitwear brand The Knotty Ones, for example, specialises in personalised textures and how to vary and combine them.

For The Knotty Ones, texture mastery requires a demanding mastery of different knitting techniques and skilled design.

IVALO.COM's most popular collection of textured fabrics is made from the Finnish Aarrelabel's Dot fabric. We are also in love with Mirkka Metsola's mini skirt.

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