Sustainable Stars - the most popular of IVALO.COM

IVALO.COM's popular Hidden Gems blog series is now complemented by a new Sustainable Stars blog concept.

Hidden Gems was originally a summer blog series for IVALO.COM to showcase the more unknown gems of the online store's collection. But due to its popularity, Hidden Gems went on to become a regular guest on the blog.

As IVALO.COM has grown, we have seen the need to launch a new Sustainable Stars blog concept, highlighting IVALO.COM's most popular brands and products.

IVALO.COM is one of the few online stores that focus exclusively on sustainable fashion.

Our customers are not only interested in new brands, but also in knowing what the fast-growing shop is mostly selling, and what products other sustainable fashion shoppers are interested in.

That's why we are now opening the curtain to our online shop and ceremoniously welcome you among the stars of IVALO.COM.

People working at The Knotty Ones

How the love story began

The IVALO.COM team first fell in love with The Knotty Ones themselves.

The brand designs and manufactures knitwear with a very unique sense of style and technical expertise.

It was also remarkable that the founders Sandra, Danute and Akvile had created The Knotty Ones as a protest against the exploitation of workers - 80% of whom are women - by the garment industry around the world.

The Knotty Ones make their clothes transparently. The products are made to order, employing women from poor neighbourhoods at a fair wage.

We at IVALO.COM ordered the knitwear, wore them, and shared the story of The Knotty Ones.

When you wear a Knotty knit, someone always asks you about it. We generously told them and the love started to spread.

The knotty ones - knitwear

IVALO.COM's most popular knitwear brand is The Knotty Ones

Knitwear is current and trendy - and at the same time a staple of timeless style.

The Scandinavian fashion trend of recent years has brought modern knitwear made from genuine materials into the spotlight in a spectacular way. Knitwear has even found its way into lingerie.

Brands such as The Knotty Ones are turning the Baltic, Norwegian and Swedish wool garment tradition into a sophisticated modernised edition.

People workint at the knotty ones

In the northern part of the globe, knitwear is an easy sell, as many people crave it not just for eye candy and style, but also for warmth.

In recent years, people have become increasingly quality-conscious about knitwear, and the desire to buy plastic knitwear that does not last is decreasing.

Stars, stars



Laumės, which has grown to become the most popular knitwear of The Knotty Ones on IVALO.COM, is The Knotty Ones' "goddess knitwear", named after the goddess of Lithuanian mythology.

The sophisticated, yet casually soft and comfortable knitted sweater is made of 100% merino wool.

Laumės is a style-conscious choice. The loose design is perfect for a style that is both slightly bohemian and sophisticated.

At IVALO.COM's boutique, it's a must-have for artists, media personalities, business people and politicians. Young people, adults and the elderly alike.

The best-selling shade of Laumės is beige.



The Knotty Ones' beloved Delčia has become one of the most popular knitting designs.

Delčia's comfort and versatility are hard to beat. As a Delčia owner, you'll quickly find yourself pulling on this cotton knit so often that you start to wonder if you should wear something else for a change.

The cotton makes the knitwear work all year round. Delčia also shows off The Knotty Ones' signature artful textures.

Delcia's best-selling shade is off-white.



Tommy is a classic! When The Knotty Ones arrived at IVALO.COM, Tommy was the most popular design for both the brand itself and our online store.

As The Knotty Ones grows, evolves and launches more and more stunning knitwear, Tommy still holds its place among the favourites.

Tommy is a super-soft cardigan made from wool and alpaca, with the fit and style to suit every need.

Tommy's best-selling shade is beige.

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