New classics for autumn

New classics for autumn

This autumn, familiar and safe attire styles will be accompanied by bold alternatives.

Your ankle boots will now be challenged by classic loafers. Remember, embellished versions are also allowed.

The traditional beanie is replaced by a trendy balaclava and instead of a jacket, we're wearing a vest.

The jeans challenger - cargo trousers

Cargo trousers

Fashion is making the rotations and the cargo trousers of the nineties are back.

Catwalks cargo trousers are now plentiful. There are more than enough pockets and thrilling shades and designs are in as well.

For example, try the bootcut cargo trousers, a design from the 70s, which is flared from the knee down.

This autumn, cargo trousers are also a good choice for the festive season. They can be paired with heels, a dressy shirt and a small bag, for example.

Ankle boots challenger - loafers


The iconic European shoe is now back with the new, more classic fashion.

Classic brown or black loafers are also a responsible, long-lasting choice for your capsule wardrobe.

Wear the trendiest loafers with sporty streetwear. In that context, the shoes can be as much an accessory as big watches and chunky necklaces. A drop of blingbling doesn't hurt either.

Jacket challenger - Vest + sweater


Before the colder weather starts, instead of a jacket, wear a vest and sweater combo this autumn.

There are lots of slim-fit vests on the market, as well as soft and chunky puffy vests. Both long and short vests are in fashion.

Wear your vest with a hoodie or a sweater. For a more casual look, wear a trendy knit under your vest.

With a stylish sweater and vest, you're ready for anything from the office to the coffee shop.

Tights challenger - Trousers

Dresses with trousers.

If your dress look has traditionally included tights, now you can easily try trousers with a dress, regardless of the dress length.

Dresses can be paired with cropped culottes, wide-leg jeans and trendy trumpet trousers.

Slim jeans, denim leggings, leather and faux leather are also popular.

Trousers make the dress a little more modern and dimensional.

The challenger to the beanie - the balaclava


Familiar from ski runs, ski slopes and kindergartens, the balaclava has been making its way into urban adult style for several years now.

Balaclava typically exposes the face but covers the head, neck and throat, providing protection from wind and cold. The Balaclava can also optionally be worn only on the neck.

The Balaclava is a stylish multi-purpose headgear that can be used as a substitute for a scarf when required. The season's headwear is available in lovely natural materials, such as thin and comfortable wool, which is both warming and breathable.

The loose balaclava also saves the hairstyle by not weighing down the hair like a traditional beanie.