5 x autumn's favourite patterns

Are stunning prints your thing? We've put together a round-up of the most current patterns and color schemes for this season. Get inspired by the delight of color and find your favourite!


Printed clothes.

Female power! YOZEN's Heroines pattern, which previously captivated us in brown, is now available in a deliciously trendy strawberry ice cream shade.

The cool pink will freshen up your outfit and your look. The shade works perfectly with, for example, denim blue and white.

At a quick glance, Heroines looks like a leopard print, but in reality the fabric features a variety of different female figures.

The message of YOZEN's Heroines is to proclaim the richness and beauty of diversity. The female characters are a reminder of how special each one is in her own unique way.

You can find the Heroines pattern on tunic, dress, skirt, t-shirt and hoodie.


Kaiko frosty floral.

The IVALO.COM team's favourite fall design is Kaiko's Frosty Floral, with its subtle floral print that is always on point.

Representing the current trend of charming greens, the cool dark green base combined with white is fresh.

Frosty Floral is a great mix and match pattern, and its style makes it perfect for workwear or leisure. The print is available as a dress, skirt and wrap blouse.

You'll have it in your wardrobe year after year.


Aarrelabel Orvokki

Aarrelabel's Orvokki is the brand's most popular pattern, and its wearers will always hear about its magnificence and power. Orvokki has recently been given a new shade of yellow-green, which is a gentler color combination than before.

The strong patterns of Aarre are loved. They are skillfully combined with comfortable, well-fitting clothes, which are worn regardless of age and gender. 

The print in this yellow-green color combo is available as a T-shirt, culottes, Misti dress, Louise dress and shirt.

Orvokki is perfect for you if you want to use your clothes to make a spectacular statement of good spirit, individuality and the many voices of sustainability.


Printed dress.

A Budapest treasure - fashion studio Tomcsanyi is a master of patterns, with a range of crazy and fun shapes in artfully tailored clothing.

Mosquitoes, the arch enemies of the Finns, have taken over Tomcsanyi's Mosquitoes collection. Mosquitoes is an artistic costume in a graphic black and white palette. The print comes in dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and kimonos.

Pair the Mosquitoes dress with an autumn oversize knitwear or get Tomcsanyi's stunning kimono in a personalised pattern.


Kaiko Purple moss.

For autumn parties, we definitely recommend Kaiko's already widely adored Purple Moss.

Kaiko's much-loved clothing designs like the Button Skirt get a strong Purple Moss look for autumn, with purple violets swirling around a peach background.

Intense purple is one of the strong colours of the season. It gives character to even the most sophisticated outfits.

You can wear Purple Moss for Christmas parties, intimate dinners or even the many house parties of the winter season. Purple Moss print can be found on skirts and blouses.

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