Viva magenta and other stylish colours for 2023

Viva magenta and other stylish colours for 2023

With a new year and more daylight, we feel the need for something new. Our daily winter life needs the energy of colours and glimpses of springtime hope.

Trend colours are always a reflection of the times we live in. They express the mood of the moment and point the way to the future.

The neutral colour palette in your wardrobe is long-lasting, but you can spice it up with trendy shades. Bold colours add vibrancy, while the shades of the moment will emphasise your current style.

Check out the newcomers for 2023 and peek into the upcoming spring.

Viva Magenta

People in viva magenta colored clothing.

When talking about colours, the well-known authority is Pantone, the company born in the 1960s, which determines the colours and colour palettes each year.

According to Pantone, the colour of 2023 is Viva Magenta, a colour that radiates vitality. A member of the red family, Viva Magenta expresses new strength, courage and fearlessness.

Magenta's lust for life comes from the resilience of difficulties. It wants to be limitless, dynamic, experimental, vibrant and untamed. Its abundance promotes both joy and rebellion. Viva Magenta wants to create a more positive future.

Viva Magenta is a nuanced shade of crimson that sits somewhere between warm and cool. A hybrid colour that works easily in the multidimensionality of the physical and the virtual.

Greige and grey pastels

People in greige colored clothing.

Decorators know how the lovechildren of beige and grey have taken over every corner of the house. The same greiges are also thriving in the wardrobe.

Viva Magenta's little cousins are the beautifully hued greys, which can be elegantly combined with Magenta's world of purple and red.

Grey Sand is a dusty grey that is a modern, cooler and lighter version of the classic camel grey. Sandy grey makes it easy to put together a long-lasting, sophisticated and neutral wardrobe.

Grey Lilac is an muted and greyish version of the on-trend colour lavender, which has been making a splash in fashion lately, from bags to knitwear and from sportswear to dresses. The pastel red violet is now fading a shade or two.

Grey Green is a stripped-down version of the greyish-green that have been seen in Scandinavian fashion in recent times. From salvia and pine, we're moving in a lighter and more pastel direction.

Grey Blue is the typical winter colour of the northern sky, a light greyish blue. The pale sky is lit only by pale light, and the intensity of the shade is minimal.

Moss Green

People in moss green colored clothing.

The triumph of the green shade family continues in fashion. A wide range of greens will be popping up in this summer's collections, so dig out any green you can find in your closet.

A particularly cited shade of green for early 2023 has been the intense and rather pale moss green with warmth, glow and yellowness.

Moss Green is also a popular shade for party wear in 2023.

Pale pink

People in pale pink colored clothing.

The desired version of nude shades resembles porcelain skin. Pale pink is the "more expensive" shade of recent pastel pinks and strawberry ice cream.

It is now the colour of choice for sophisticated materials and festive moments in both interiors and wardrobes.

Pale pink is also a popular make-up colour for 2023.

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