Polyforma - Cool and Transparent Shoemaking from Germany

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Polyforma is a breath of fresh air with their talented shoemaking with incredibly transparent manufacturing. Polyforma designs are ever-cool and suited for every situation. Made by Italian artisans, the high quality of the shoes is guaranteed.

Polyforma - Eighty Two Pure

Polyforma has strong ethical values in their design work. They don’t believe in mass production, instead every Polyforma shoe is created by an artisan. Every shoe is made with vegetable tanned leather and tanning is done in the traditional way - no chemicals or heavy metals are used in this process. Transparency is Polyforma’s highest value. They want to make sure their customer knows exactly how the shoes are actually made. This is a way the shoemaking artisans all get the recognition they deserve.

Polyforma - Simax All Black

Polyforma - Victor High Top Black Rubber

Polyforma style is ultra cool and everlasting. You can really see and feel the amount of work that is in the details. Purchasing a pair of Polyforma sneakers you won’t only support traditional artisans but also invest in everlasting style!

Polyforma - Details

Rokas Bernotas let us into the world of Polyforma:

How was Polyforma born?

Polyforma was born from a desire to find out about traditional, artisanal shoemaking techniques and applying them to create something new and fresh for a modern consumer. While we hand-craft all our shoes in Italy, Berlin is our base and that’s were all started.

What inspires you to cool sneakers?

It’s always a mix of many things. But most our inspiration comes from other good design, architecture and contemporary art, as well as nature and of course from people around us that surround us in our city and in our travels. Besides external influences, other strong part of inspiration comes from within, every new model that we make has a relation to the way we feel that moment in time. A state of mind is always a driver for creativity.

What is your view on fashion world and trends today?

To be honest, we believe that fashion is a dirty business. We live in a consumer society and fashion is in a forefront of it. Of course there are many fashion brands out there that do a great job changing our perceptions towards fashion, but considering the whole picture, the industry contributes greatly towards social and environmental issues that our planet faces right now. We like to consider Polyforma as a design brand rather a fashion one. We aim to make a good design that can last a lifetime, with no intention to chase fast fading fashion trends. Yet we have to be relevant so we can’t simply ignore fashion world.

Can you name your favourite Polyforma design piece at the moment?

We just introduced a new colour way to our collection - deserto colour. It’s the lightest colour the leather can get by tanning it in a natural way (if leather is tanned without toxic chemicals (vegetable tanning), it’s impossible to obtain very light colours like white). So we love all shoes made of deserto colour as the leather gets nice patina with wear - the colour becomes much richer and darker over time, making the shoes more personal and unique to the wearer.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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