IVALO Newcomers - Introducing Our Fresh Fashion Talents

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Our wonderful fashion revolution community is growing as new talented designers are joining IVALO. We're happy to introduce you to some of these IVALO newcomers who have charmed us with their beautiful stories and designs!

Our IVALO fashion community is growing as new talented designers join us. Here are some of our newest international brands that are here to help you to find your most unexpected fashion finds and new favourite pieces.


Haveney - MAMA kimono jacket

Haveney - LALA pouch

Haveney is an innovative fashion brand from Marseilles, France, that was established in 2014. This brand creates elegant ready-to-wear pieces that combine astonishingly beautiful design with high-quality materials.

All Haveney pieces are designed and made in France. You can find this brand's practical yet stylish designs from IVALO. For instance, Haveney's lovely navy blue MAMA-kimono jacket with satin detailing is the perfect piece to combine to your wardrobe as it can be easily styled from day to night. Grab a navy blue velvet leather LALA-clutch and you're ready to woo everybody with your look!

See more beautiful Haveney pieces on the brand's IVALO-profile.

Raquel Hladky

Raquel Hladky - Memphis Pullover Rabbit

Raquel Hladky - Memphis Pullover Milano

Raquel Hladky is an unisex sustainable streetwear fashion brand that specializes in creating colourful, pop-graphic inspired designs in collaboration with different artists. This Berlin based brand has its production completely organized in Europe and bases its brand philosophy on ethical and sustainable values.

Raquel Hladky's unisex cotton Memphis pullovers are a wonderful addition to your late fall look. Choose your favourite from three different colours and prints that are created in collaboration with visual artist ZOSEN. Are you more Milano, Rabbit, or Living?

Read more about Raquel Hladky on their IVALO-profile.

Raquel Hladky - Memphis Pullover Living


DÊMOS is a London based fashion brand that creates premium streetwear with a sports inspired aesthetics. The brand's collections offer comfort as the ultimate styling and quality as an uncompromised signature of its style.

This brand's streetwear pieces are mixed with sporty details and aesthetics that will boost up your look with their distinct details. Pair the Red striped print extra long cotton shirt with Striped print suit mesh basketball Shorts and embrace your casually cool look.

See other DÊMOS styles on their IVALO-profile.

DÊMOS - Red Striped Print Extra Long Shirt

DÊMOS - Striped Print Suit Mesh basketball Shorts

Carolina Machado

Portugal-based Carolina Machado is a fashion brand that represents well thought sophisticated and feminine womenswear, inspired by the contrasts between feminine and masculine lines and balancing the softness of garments with the hardness given by raw finishes. The brand's collections are full of unique pieces with luxury feel and feminine, soft lines.

The lightness and silky touch of the fabrics used in Carolina Machado pieces will embrace you with their feel and look. Try for instance the Asymmetrical One sleeve silky blouse or the lovely Culottes Jumpsuit as your new go-to pieces for a more luxuriously flowy style.

Read more about Carolina Machado on their IVALO-profile.

Carolina Machado - Asymetrical One Sleeve Blouse

Carolina Machado - Culottes Jumpsuit

We're thrilled to have these new designers with us and excited for the upcoming adventures we're going to have together! Stay tuned to hear more about the IVALO-newbies who have charmed us with their unique design!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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