Two people wearing brown knitwear.

Hidden Gems - EKTA Helsinki

The Hidden Gems -blog series showcases the lesser-known brands of sustainable fashion, designers, favourites of the IVALO.COM team and customers, and clean fashion makers with amazing passion.

Unique brand from Finland

A short while ago, IVALO.COM added a real gem to its range: a Finnish brand with all of its products made from Finnish materials - in Finland. 

Now is the right time to celebrate a true Finnish brand. EKTA Helsinki is local, zero waste and certified with the Nordic Swan ecolabel. EKTA also has the Key Flag Symbol as a sign of Finnish production. 

In addition to other good things, EKTA makes beautiful, warm and lovely knitwear

What could be more on trend? Check it for yourself!


Responses to sustainability

While learning about sustainability in the fashion industry, EKTA founders Mikaela and Nicolina found that there is a lot of talk about the topic, but it is not really in the big picture yet. EKTA was born as a concrete changemaker. 

EKTA Helsinki offers fully transparent production. Materials are sourced locally and manufacturing is done by Finnish family-owned companies here in Finland.

Mikaela and Nicolina are firmly committed to zero waste, because the world needs solutions to the textile waste problem.

Traditional, innovative wool

EKTA wanted to use specifically Finnish sheep's wool as the material for its products.

That's why EKTA spent two years of persistent product development with local family businesses, resulting in a new form of Finnish wool.

EKTA wanted to process Finnish wool for use in machine knitting, as it was previously only available as hand-knitted yarn.

EKTA does not mix other materials in its wool products. 100% Finnish wool products are biodegradable. EKTA's wool is minimally processed. It has a natural fat content that makes it soft and comfortable to wear. 

EKTA's founders recommend that the soft and breathable material should also be worn against the skin and equally well in summer and winter.


Inspired by northern nature

EKTA draws its inspiration from northern nature, which is why the clothes feature beautiful earthy colours, clean lines and classic design.

The idea behind EKTA's clothes and accessories is to be versatile. Thanks to their natural colours and timeless designs, they can be combined with a wide range of clothes and outfits.

Nicolina is often cold and EKTA's own products have been a lifesaver for her, she wears them with all kinds of outfits - and definitely throughout the summer.

Mikaela, on the other hand, has a sensitive skin and any kind of wool doesn't work at all on her skin. But EKTA's wool feels really comfortable.

EKTA's customers like the fact that the products are made in Finland, that they are sustainable and that they can be used in a variety of ways. The customer base is broad, but young adults in particular are very interested in the brand and its selection.


EKTA's own favourites

We asked EKTA founders Mikaela and Nicolina for their own favourites.

"We use all the products and like them all, but if I had to pick one in particular, Mikaela's favourite is the ribbon knitted turtleneck sweater Alexa Roll-Neck.

Nicolina is currently wearing a beige neck scarf (Herringbone Oak) on a daily basis, and a Katrine Turtle-Neck striped knit sweater.

"For a special mention, we like to highlight a really versatile Marie Midi Skirt, which goes with sneakers, boots and sandals."