The Natural Edit – The three hit jackets of the spring from Finnish Voglia

Voglia has produced durable Finnish fashion since 1983. Voglia operates as an admirable countermove doggedly against fast fashion. Even if it was the 90s recession, cheap clothing chains swarming to Finland, or Covid19-pandemic, always this Finnish family company has made it, and uncompromisingly swayed the clean flag of the sustainable clothing industry.

Voglia’s new spring and summer products have a freshness and topical Scandinavian style but at the same time the seal of timelessness. That tells the story of the idea that Voglia is meant to be worn over years and seasons. To be picked when the closet needs quality and stability.

IVALO.COM fell in love especially with a couple of Voglia’s new jackets and suggest quality-conscious people step forward: are you interested in an ocean blue cotton-linen parka jacket? Or ever-stylish Iris, that you can use as a mid-season jacket for the new 30 years. How about a multi-use Abbey wrap dress/jacket that takes you to international seas and fits like a dream?

IRENE – greetings from the pastel heaven

To the Northern soul landscape, Irene parka jacket fits like a glove, which exceptionally beautiful light blue color represents the coldness, sensitivity, and light of our rough nature. The color palette of light blue colors is a must for this season. With quite a big surface, the light blue color is just perfectly standing out and personal to outerwear.

Natural materials cotton and linen work well with the color of the jacket and feel great when worn. Irene is finished up with a water-resistant coating. Parka works on many weather conditions and has multiple practical functions from big pockets to covering hood.

IRIS – classic since the first day

Iris jacket is made of cotton elastane and celebrates both Voglia’s history and the tradition of elaborate design. This design is inspired by Voglia’s previous styles from different decades.

Iris has several timeless button details and a topical oversize fit. The hem of the jacket also has a trendy design.

This European design is the perfect combination of nostalgia and modern times, style, and practicality. Available in a beige shade of chalk.

ABBEY – every female’s movie dress

Abbey dress/jacket looks like it was made for a classic movie or a tv show’s episode, from which it stays alive for decades. As you know, like trench jackets worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, nevertheless, Carrie Bradshaw’s unforgettable outfits and Diane Keaton’s dandy styles on Annie Halls.

Abbey could as well be from Melanie Trump’s neat lookbook as Catherine Deneuve’s French collection from the 70s Riviera.

Midi-length Abbey wrap dress is sewn of quality knitted fabric that feels comfortable on the skin and keeps the shape of the dress. The product includes a belt that can be uncoupled and can be tied in many different ways. The dresses wrap part has a button and a hook. The clothing can be worn as a light jacket.

Abbey is made of Ponte Roma fabric, containing 49 % recycled cotton, 48 % lyocell, and 3 % elastane. It is available in colors of pearl grey and dark navy blue. At that very moment you put Abbey dress on, something clicks. You are in a movie!

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