Best of the Year 2022 - IVALO.COM's phenomena and winners

Come and meet the best of the year in sustainable fashion! 

What were the most important phenomena and popular themes of the past year 2022 for IVALO.COM?

The events of the online shop dedicated to sustainable fashion send an important message about the change in the way we dress. 

The rise of ecological materials, better quality options and the longevity of clothing are in focus.

Wool's winning run


The year 2022 was the year in the IVALO.COM books when the power shift between cheap plastic knits and sustainable quality wool knits took place.

Customers finally dare and know how to ask questions about the ethics and origin of their wool. 

People want to invest in the quality and longevity of natural materials. They no longer want to buy non-maintainable materials such as acrylic knits.

At IVALO.COM favorites are for example, Finnish zero waste wool by EKTA Helsinki, the world's best ethical ecological merino by RHEA and a knitwear design masterpiece brand from the countryside of Lithuania by The Knotty Ones

The year of swimwear

A whole year in swimming pools

IVALO.COM witnessed another year of celebration for swimwear. Climate-friendly swimwear materials are now sourced throughout the seasons. 

After the covid restrictions, people are interested in travelling in all seasons. The popularity of winter swimming and indoor swimming is another phenomenon that influences the year-round use of swimwear.

Swimsuits, swimwear and bikinis are one area of clothing where the rise of eco-friendly alternatives has been rapid. 

The most common eco-material for swimwear is recycled nylon/polyamide ECONYL®. Recycled polyesters are also used to some extent, the best known being REPREVE® and SEAQUAL® YARN.

Body 2.0

Body 2.0

Saint Body is a small style house whose feminine and graceful collection took everyone by surprise.

The IVALO.COM team and customers love Saint Body's combination of sustainability, comfort and unique style.

Sometimes a garment made of a richly skin revealing thin fabric can feel like a cheap rag, but Saint Body feels luxurious and lovely.

The brand's materials caress the skin and the artful cuts fit the body with elegant elegance.

Perhaps there are not too much sophisticated, sensual clothes in the world - especially in sustainable versions.

The rise of Polish brands

Polish brands

Poland has long been known as a fashion producer, thanks to its central location and cheap labour. 

The green shift is also a trend in Poland, and one emerging sector is sustainable fashion.

Poland also has a strong tradition of craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation. The country has special leatherworking skills, shoemaking know-how and sewing rooms.

During 2022, IVALO.COM has welcomed several new wave Polish clothing brands, which have already enjoyed great popularity with customers in the short time since their launch.

If you haven't yet, check out Enteliér, Saint Body, SaintBy and Bohema.

From tape rollers to clothes brush

Clothing brush

Garment care is one of the easiest and most effective ways to contribute to the durability of your clothes. 

By maintaining your clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, you can make dressing a pleasure. Even an old garment feels better when it's clean and well-maintained.

It also extends the life of your clothes and reduces the number of washes you need to do.

During 2022, many have been inspired to swap their littering sticky tape rolls for durable clothes brushes. The clothes brush can be used to remove stains, lint, hair and dust from all kinds of textiles.

Vegan leather

Vegan leather

Climate change and the climate debate are accelerating the growth in popularity of the vegan lifestyle. For various reasons, veganism is increasingly extending to clothing. 
Topical "vegan leather" is made from pineapple, apple, coconut and cactus, for example, as an alternative to traditional leather. 
Vegan leather materials are used to make accessories - such as bags and shoes - similar to animal leather. Well-known vegan leather materials include Piñatex® and Desserto®.

Another trendy vegan accessory material is cork. The sustainable cork is ecologically collected and biodegradable bark. 

Zero Waste

Zero Waste

The circular economy is trending and zero waste is making its way into the wardrobe.

Biodegradable and organic materials are attracting attention - what if your clothes eventually disappeared naturally from the world?

Zero Waste advocates a circular economy by repairing and reusing things as many times as possible - even all the way to the end. In clothing, this is reflected in an appreciation of the old and second-hand.

Sustainable brands that make new clothes look for surplus materials. It's possible to process rescued materials into stunning new fashion.

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