The first spring trends for 2024

The first spring trends for 2024

A new year always feels a little different, even if things don't change much.

In January, spring already glimpses in the morning light, in a familiar tulip vase, or a pile of ready-to-go activewear on the hall bench.

So what's up with style and fashion for the new spring season?

Again, the trends are fun and inspiring, and by no means require a shopping spree for new clothes.

Self-care and everyday luxury

White linen bedding and grey knitted sweater

During the pandemic, we were forced to look for joy and well-being in the little things.

As a result of the crisis, and perhaps also for constantly staying at home, the trend of career development shifted to the appreciation of everyday life and personal time.

This year's trends are caring and relaxation, soft sheets, quality materials in wardrobe, perfect morning drinks, sleek buns, glowing skin pampered with facial oils, lip oils, and graphic eyeliners.

Nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows are more natural-looking.

Goal-oriented exercising is replaced with everyday activity, relaxation, and gentle sports.

Self-made knitwear

The Knotty Ones and ÄRNI BLUM's knitwear

This is IVALO.COM's absolute favorite trend for 2024!

IVALO.COM's team and customers love rough, personal, and high-quality knitwear made from genuine materials. The trendiest knitwear this year is colorful, self-made, and chunky.

If you're struggling with knitting, have a look at IVALO.COM's stunning knitwear brands to see if they could help.

For perfectly bohemian designs and exceptional handcrafting, check out The Knotty Ones and ÄRNI BLUM.

Garment and product care

Garment care

Garment care as a trend and phenomenon will continue to grow in 2024. By maintaining your clothes, shoes, and bags, you can prolong their lifetime and increase their resale value.

Maintaining your knitwear is particularly easy to start with. Genuine woolen knitwear only gets better with gentle brushing. With regular maintenance, your knitwear will be as good as new every day.

The world's best clothing brush is the KENT CP6. It's magically powerful and super-soft. The garment brush takes care of the fabric and cleanses it, without damage.


Sustainable bag and hoodie

IVALO.COM is a pioneer in sustainability, but fortunately, others are increasingly striving towards the same.

2024 will increase the second-hand clothing market and people's alertness and awareness when shopping for new clothes.

Legislation is slowly coming in to help control sustainability claims and greenwashing.

Forever button-up shirt

White oversized shirts

The one-garment tactic makes your wardrobe simple and efficient.

Masculine button-up shirts are again being worn regardless of size, age, or gender - and the trendiest is the white and oversized one. Couples, flatmates, and family members are now welcome to wear the same ones, increasing the number of times each garment is worn.

If a shirt happens to be too big for someone wearing it, don't worry. The latest way to wear an oversized shirt is to make it a dress.

You can pair it with bold ECONYL® tights or flared jeans. Don't forget to wear an impressive belt!

Jumpsuit goes cotton

Khaki and blue jumpsuit

At IVALO.COM, the most popular jumpsuits have traditionally been found in the partywear category, but the spring overall trend is now worker-style.

If you're only buying a few new clothes this year, one potential choice for both work and leisure could be here!

The 2024 jumpsuit will be made of stiff and durable cotton in either a thinner or thicker version.

90s aesthetics

90s inspired jeans and bikinis

Not only is the colour of the year a cute peachy shade Peach Fuzz, but the rest of the 90's aesthetics are also taking over the trendiest wardrobes.

Large graphic patterns, pastel shades, goofy layering, and dramatic cuts attract even more.

Find a pair of 90s jeans, loafers, a polo shirt, a white turtleneck, a cropped sweater, gold jewelry, and a multicolored bat-sleeved windbreaker from the flea market - you’ll be so cool. School skirts and ballerinas are also back for a try.

Co-ord set

Denim set and colorful oversized suit

 Already last year saw the return of double denim. Trendy people preferred to wear denim from head to toe.

In 2024, the shades of denim are getting lighter.

Co-ord fashion is also supported by choosing other shades and materials for top and bottom wear in a consistent way.

The suit with its loose-fitting blazer continues to thrive, and as bottoms, there are also urban shorts, wide-leg trousers, and voluminous skirts.

Find your long-lasting favorite clothes for this and future seasons and discover our full range of sustainably made womenswear here.