Experiences with period panties

Experiences with period panties

Have you considered testing period panties?

Period panties consist of a shell built into the panties. They are worn like any regular underpants and are easy to machine wash with the rest of the laundry.

Modern period underwear are a trendy innovation and a welcomed ecological alternative to disposable menstrual products.

IVALO.COM offers sustainably made period panties from two different lingerie brands; the French Perdième Lingerie and the Swedish Understatement. Many are now wondering what customers who have tried period underwear think of them.

Understatement and Perdieme's period panties

According to user experience, period panties are ergonomic and feel light to wear: "Surprisingly similar to regular panties."

Many users praise the fact that there are fewer overflows with period underwear than with disposable pads. The panties fit well and stay in place even when you're active.

For others, the motivation to switch to reusable period underpants is primarily the amount of waste. If just one woman uses more than 10,000 disposable menstrual pads in her lifetime, the amount of waste saved is considerable. Perdième, for example, promises several years of use for a single pair of period underpants. It also saves money.

Some users said that they have combined period panties with a menstrual cup or tampon to get a winning combo.

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Perdieme and Understatement's period panties

"I like the fact that Understatement's period panties are also beautiful and you don't have to spend your period in granny panties. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical beforehand, but the period panties have proven to work, and washing is surprisingly easy!" -Terhi, 39

"The time I can wear them is genuinely long without any wet feeling or the fear of leaking. With just one pair of Understatement period panties, you'll be fine for the whole working day, as the feel and absorption of the panties are completely different from disposable pads." -Ellen, 27

"I do acrobatics and pole dancing and I've loved wearing period panties also when I work out. They fit well even under tiny micro shorts and stay perfectly in place." -Nicola, 32

"My periods are quite heavy and I first tried period panties on less heavy days. They worked super well and I have since switched completely to Understatement's three-drop panties. I feel perfectly at ease with them during periods." -Lisa, 29

Perdieme and Understatement's period panties

"They’re worth trying. The comfort is far superior to disposable pads." -Liina, 42

"Perdième and Understatement's period panties have style and they can be combined with matching bras. There's lace and a wide variety of styles. There's no need to not get dressed due to your period." -Anna, 40

"Perdième is a revolution with jeans! The panties are pretty and I feel beautiful. The difference to nappy pads is big and there is no waste." -Helene, 22

"I can't use tampons and these are a lifesaver." -Julia, 39

How are period panties used?

Black and pink period panties

Period panties are available in varying absorbencies. You can choose between panties for lighter or heavier bleeding.

For example, Understatement’s period panties range from one to three drops in absorbency. Three-drop panties are claimed to absorb up to seven tampons' worth of menstrual bleeding.

After use, rinse the crotch area of the period panties with cool or lukewarm water. After rinsing, the pants can be washed in a 30-60 degree washing program. The use of fabric softener is not recommended, nor is tumble-drying. The panties should be allowed to dry on a drying rack.

The absorbency does not decrease with washings. The first few washes are even good for the absorbency of period panties. You can replace your panties when you feel they've reached the end of their life - just like regular panties.


Based in Paris, Perdième Lingerie manufactures environmentally sustainable lingerie and swimwear to be worn during periods. Perdième's products are ethically manufactured in Portugal.

Perdième's materials come from Europe, are Oeko-Tex and/or GOTS certified, and do not contain harmful chemicals. The panties are made of natural, highly absorbent bamboo viscose and flexible PUL fabric.


Understatement, the Stockholm-based master of sensual lace lingerie, makes super-popular period underwear for a variety of bleedings. You can choose between lighter or more absorbent panties as desired.

At its strongest, the 5-layer protection absorbs up to seven tampons' worth of menstrual bleeding, according to Understatement.

Understatement always looks nice, since the brand's designs are well-fitting and stylish.

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