Summer dresses

Dress trends 2023

What are the best dress trends for summer 2023?

Explore current dress trends and get inspired to find treasures to serve your own long-lasting wardrobe.

Welcome to get a glimpse of the bold and opulent dress fashion for the upcoming summer. Summer's sustainable dresses are full of strong messages and positive vibes.

Get inspired by the latest dresses and see if this summer's spirit fits your style.

Power Color

Summer dresses - Power color

Choose a pure and intense color for your summer dress. Bright tomato red, pink magenta, crisp lime, and golden yellow work perfectly right now. 

A strong shade is accentuated in a lined garment or maxi dress. It is particularly flattering in sculptural cuts, voluminous sleeves, collars, and hemlines.

Flower dress

Summer dresses - Flower dress

Don't assume that floral dresses have disappeared. Floral patterns are lush, colorful, and unconventional in mini, midi, and full-length dresses.

Floral designs can also be boldly mixed and matched, so you can choose different flower patterns for the top and bottom part of your outfit. 

In addition to dresses, flowers are seen in blazers, long kimono jackets, jewelry, and even shoes.

Blue, blue, blue

Summer dresses - Blue

Blue has held sway for many years and is still going strong. 

Light Baby Blue is still the dress of the summer. The slightly darker and glowing Italian blue (Azzurro, Savoy blue) is by far the favorite color of this summer's collections. 

The vibrant electric blue Ultramarine is also part of this summer's sustainable dress collection, bringing back memories of the 80s and 90s.


Summer dresses - Denim

The denim dress is here! The denim skirt is here! Especially the long ankle-length denim skirt with a 90s front flap is here! 

Cotton denim is a long-lasting material and serves you great for all-season use. Modern denim can be worn in the office or on the terrace. 

For a particularly trendy look, go for double denim and wear it from head to toe. The top and bottom can be different types of denim. 

And remember, the details from the 21st century, like the contrasting washes we've long since abandoned, are making a comeback.

Crocheted & knitted

Summer dresses

Crochet and knitted dresses are some of the trendiest dresses of the summer. A knitted dress is sheer and often long, a crocheted dress will show off also your underwear or swimwear look. 

If you wish, you can add an underskirt underneath the crochet dress if you need to add some extra coverage. 

You can also combine knitted dresses with fashionable crochet accessories such as hats, brooches, hair bands, or bags.

Expose the skin

Summer dresses

For summer 2023, get a one-sleeve, an open-back, or a waist-revealing cut-out dress - they're now in stock for years to come. 

V-necklines up to the belly are topical, as are large square necklines that reveal the cleavage. 

Off-shoulder styles are also on the move.

Slip and knot dyes

Summer dresses

Slip-dyed fabrics and knot dyeing are the hot dress designs of the summer. 

Tie-dye has made its way into kaftans, beach dresses, t-shirts, swimwear, summer hats, and hair donuts. 

The 70s psychedelia can be seen in the big prints of summer fashion, where no color is spared. 


Summer dresses - keyhole dress

The keyhole is a popular detail on summer dresses, shirts, and bikinis. 

The keyhole is often located at the cleavage, but can also appear in the lower back, depending on the design of the dress. 

The keyhole as detail is also often combined with a high collar.

Lace & mesh

Summer dresses - lace dress

Transparent fabrics, mesh, and lace are material trends that are being offered as better alternatives by sustainable clothing brands. 

Sustainable fashion brands rarely use synthetic fabrics made from virgin fibers in their products, but instead manufacture their garments according to circular economy principles, using recycled and innovative fibers in an ethical way.

Slip dresses are now in fashion and are worn boldly for evening wear and parties.


Summer dresses

And once again, frills! Layered skirts, decorative ruffles, and downright cream-cake-ness are still part of the dress fashion. 

Frills are no longer seen only on sleeves and skirts. They are allowed to crisscross wildly all over the garment. More is more.