The New Society

Hidden Gems - The New Society

Discover The New Society. IVALO.COM's Hidden Gems series introduces readers to the secrets of sustainable fashion.

Hidden Gems showcases emerging and interesting fashion brands that are still unknown to the general public.

If you're interested in European-style children's clothing, now is the time to read on. The brand also offers lovely summer clothes for women.

Goodbye to mass fashion

The New Society - Sustainable clothing for women and kids

Many people are attracted to European children's clothing, with its neutral colors, classic lines, and a certain elegance.

If you want to dress your kids in style for everyday and special occasions, expensive designer brands or fast-fashion chain stores are not the only options.

It's worth checking out The New Society, which has been investing in the aesthetics of children's clothing since 2019 - responsibly. The brand also caters to adults, with a range that includes lovely women's clothes such as shirts and dresses.

The New Society's small production batches are made locally in Spain and Portugal.

The resource-saving production, including water and transport, uses vegetable dyes that are safe for The New Society's manufacturers and users.

Eternal summer and a house in Tuscany

The New Society - Ethical clothing for women and kids

The New Society's atmosphere promises eternal summer. The atmosphere of southern Europe leaps from local materials and production to finished garments that breathe light, warmth, and a sense of serenity.

Imagine having the holiday home you've always dreamed of in the Italian countryside. There, under a canopy of olive trees and vineyards, you pack your suitcase full of The New Society.

Soft and certified cotton, linen and Tencel protect you from the scorching heat. The dresses sit elegantly and casually for long aperitifs and dinners. The shirts and trousers are equally comfortable for daytime naps, kitchen chores, and coffee breaks at the market.

The New Society's collections also include clothes for cooler climates but with a lingering memory of the sun.

Safe beauty

The New Society - Sustainable clothing for women and kids

The New Society uses breathable and comfortable textile fibers.

The brand favors organic and recycled materials that feel good and are safe to wear directly on the skin. 

The New Society's clean, organic materials and production make the clothes risk-free for children and babies too.

Some of The New Society's materials are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. 

Some of the garments have international Oeko-Tex certification, which monitors and ensures product safety. Oeko-Tex-certified garments are skin-friendly, non-toxic dyed, and free of harmful substances.