Would you like to own a power outfit?

Would you like to own a power outfit?

A powerful outfit is - you know - a little bit more. 

It can give you the feelings and emotions that you need and crave at a particular moment. 

For some of us, power lives in our favorite clothes, safe to wrap in on a long day's evening. For others, a Cinderella-like dress is a confidence-booster that enthuses and uplifts.

Power can also be in color. A powerful shade wakes you up for the day, adds color to your face and gives energy to your being.

Colors are said to have not only psychological but also measurable physiological effects. Green can be calming and red can be warming.

Trust in the power of fire-red

If everyday life feels tiring and you need strength for work, to cope with the crises of the world and to wait for spring to break, find joy in small things.

IVALO.COM's March recommendations are now deliberately fire-red. 

May there be plenty of love in the fiery red this spring. 

The warmth and glow of the sun. Courage, humility and honesty. And finally - faith, hope and strength!

1. Residus Scarlet Red 

Residus Scarlet Red

Scandi-brand Residus has launched just the right kind of fearless red.

Residus Scarlet Red is an irresistible, gorgeous shade of red that will make your skin and your whole being glow.

Choose a t-shirt, top or skirt to power your life and your outfit.  You can also go wild and wear the red as a dress.

Check out Residus' Elise skirt, Emile dress, Lorna top, Laudia skirt, Corma shirt, Botta tee and Lewis turtleneck.

2. Rhea Red


Our favorite winter wool brand, Rhea, makes you feel warm and cozy with the world's best merino wool that's soft, thin and itch-free.

For a little extra sparkle, choose from Rhea's stylish shades in a rich and sumptuous red. A shade that will make both you and your surroundings glow and leave no one cold.

Rhea's breathable and lightweight Roll Neck and Crew Neck complete your capsule wardrobe for year-round use.

3. Enteliér Red


For those who already need a promise of summer, choose Enteliér. 

Warsaw's handmade high-fashion will bring a dose of feminity to your wardrobe.

For spring, choose the long-sleeved Luna dress, whose beautifully simple design and strong red color conjures up an unforgettable effect.

The Vogue blazer or Vogue trousers will brighten up your workday. The trendiest combination is the whole suit.

A summer classic is Enteliér's super-popular viscose Summer Dress. Summer Dress is available in a range of shades, but try red.

4. Understatement Scarlet Red


Understatement's slightly cheeky Scarlet Red is your secret weapon.

Its hidden powers add a touch of the supernatural to your day. 

Slip the underwear from Stockholm under a sweater and jeans for a superpower of your own, even if it's just a normal Tuesday.

You can use them just as easily to brighten up everyone else's day in the gym or swimming hall locker room - or at home.