Sustainable Stars - Kings Of Indigo

Sustainable Stars - Kings Of Indigo

IVALO.COM's Sustainable Stars blog concept highlights well-known pioneering brands in sustainable fashion.

Kings Of Indigo can rightly be called a pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion - not to mention the rest of the fashion industry.

The brand has been innovating materials and sustainable production methods for over a decade, inspiring many sustainable fashion users, designers and manufacturers with its example.

Kings Of Indigo is particularly well known for its eco-jeans, whose denim is sustainable at every stage of its production process. 

Advanced materials and production make Kings Of Indigo jeans one of the most reliable in the world for the conscious wearer.

Traceable jeans from field to shop

Kings Of Indigo

When you buy Kings Of Indigo eco-jeans, they are made from recycled or certified material. Production has minimized water, energy and chemicals, and the pants have only come from inspected and safe production facilities. The entire jeans collection is vegan and PP spray-free.

Kings Of Indigo is, according to IVALO.COM's Sustainability Manager Outi Pyy, "a rare jeans brand because it is truly traceable from the field to the store shelf."

"All of IVALO.COM's jeans brands are validated, but in the big picture the world's jeans production is still very problematic. 

Kings Of Indigo does not use chemicals that are dangerous for workers, and they are not disposed into the environment. The brand has also opened up the entire production chain for full transparency, which is exceptional for a jeans brand. This is exemplary sustainability!"

Urban wellness clothing

Kings Of Indigo

Kings Of Indigo is not only a well-known eco-brand, but also makes other urban fashion for those who value sustainability.

It's the brand to turn to if you're looking for street-wear you can feel good in.

You'll find a personalized wardrobe with a big dose of leisure in the Kings Of Indigo's collection. With a range of casual, yet quality and tailored clothing, there's something for everyone. 

Kings Of Indigo is made for outdoor living, the modern office, home and hobbies. The brand's casual style, comfort and visual detailing create a harmony that will make it your favourite.

Kings Of Indigo's manifesto is about the synergy and well-being of people, nature and animals. Through your clothing, you can acknowledge and communicate sustainable values to yourself and others.

Shared wardrobe

Kings Of Indigo

A significant proportion of clothing in the collection is gender-neutral.

The brand's garments make it easy to implement the effective idea of a shared wardrobe, where several people can wear clothes at the same time - or at least during their lifetime.

You can share striped shirts, worker jackets, jeans, sweaters, T-shirts and shorts between, for example, a spouse, siblings or friends, and reduce the environmental footprint and cost of one garment - over and over.