Here are the sustainable party styles

Finally! This year we have permission to launch pre-Christmas celebrations, cheer with our family and friends, and host the long-awaited parties.

IVALO.COM has chosen these topical sustainable party clothing brands for you to dress up and enjoy life.


Miia Halmesmaa from Turku, Finland, presents some glorious creations seen a lot on TV and social media right now. The courageous and feminine design of Halmesmaa has enchanted the masters and trendsetters of clothing everywhere.

Especially the splashy design Lush in both dresses and shirts has been an absolute star of the autumn festive season.

Miia Halmesmaa


Ivana Helsinki and the designer Paola Suhonen are long-time top names of Finnish fashion. The newest collection of Ivana Helsinki is combining Scandinavian aesthetics and nostalgic vintage in their familiar signature style.

In Paola’s words when you wear Ivana Helsinki, you are "carrying the flame, not just the glow”. You can dress up with Ivana on any festive occasion, from pre-Xmas parties to a wedding ceremony, and your outfit never fails to deliver.

Ivana Helsinki


A Finnish fashion designer Katri Niskanen specializes in festive clothing and is famous for her wedding and evening dresses. The clothes and accessories of her brand KATRI NISKANEN can be admired in international gala evenings, private parties, and the media all around.

The clothes of Niskanen are well famous for their Scandinavian elegance, sculptural touch, and the special cuts that give feminine and stylish silhouettes to the clothes.

KATRI NISKANEN brings a magnificent designer piece to your wardrobe at a realistic price.

Katri Niskanen


Dressing up for a party starts with the underwear. It’s either seamless and invisible microfiber or splashy and courageous lingerie we wear under our party dresses – the latter is like jewelry, lifting us into the festive mood.

Understatement from Stockholm presents underwear that is friendly for both nature and the skin. They are uncompromisingly comfortable to wear and made to complement any body type and shape.

The selection is known especially for the fabulous and sexy lace lingerie, but there are also more unnoticeable options available.



An eco-sock brand also noticed by Vogue, Swedish Stockings, produces circular economy socks from recycled materials. If you don’t want to wear traditional oil-based virgin nylon socks or stockings against your skin, check out the selection of Swedish Stockings.

Swedish Stockings products are manufactured minimizing all emissions and waste in their production. They are made to last – and eventually, to be recycled.

In the visuality of their selection, Swedish Stockings can take anyone in comparison; the socks are just delicious and straight from the top of the fashion world.

Swedish Stockings


LUMI is one of the leading leather product brands in Finland – renewing itself constantly in a courageous and inspiring way. The leather products of LUMI are made of ecologically dyed vegetable-tanned leather and contain zero harmful substances.

We recommend you choose one of the classic beauties of LUMI mini bags. These lovely pieces can be circulated amongst the female members of the household over generations – a high-quality bag lasts for decades, puts the final touch to any festive outfit, and serves well as a loyal and practical party companion.

Lumi Accessories

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