Towards 2023 - Finnish Globe Hope is a pioneer of responsible fashion

In 2003, Finnish designer Seija Lukkala started to think that textile waste could be turned into something interesting. For example, timeless and sustainable design products.

Globe Hope is a brand that many people who follow the world of sustainable fashion will remember from afar. The brand is known for products such as fanny bags, make-up bags and small patterned shoulder bags.

Now, Globe Hope is approaching the venerable brand's 20th anniversary. Today, at IVALO.COM, Globe Hope's bestsellers are not only accessories but also clothing designed with a fresh, modern touch.

Simple, affordable tees, dresses, hoodies, and comfortable pants in contemporary shades are warmly recommended options for everyone's wardrobe. Globe Hope keeps up with time and manages to match quality basics with trends and customer preferences.

We asked Globe Hope what the brand is up to on the eve of the anniversary.

Globe Hope

"Still nothing new since 2003."

Globe Hope manufactures each of its products using existing materials: surplus or recycled. If you're a consumer and a proponent of the circular economy or zero waste, look no further than Globe Hope. 

Globe Hope doesn't only use recycled materials in some of their products, they maximize the use of existing materials in every possible part of every product. 

Most of Globe Hope's "legacy" materials come from Finnish companies and factories, except for military materials from the armies of Sweden and Central European countries, and clothing materials from India.

Globe Hope's production of bags and accessories is concentrated in its home country and in the Baltic countries. The clothes are manufactured in Bangladesh under certified and controlled conditions.

Globe Hope

What’s up with the seat belts

"Our new bags DYYNI and SAHARA, made from surplus seatbelts, are again a customer’s favorite, in classic black and a delicious combination of beige and lavender. Seat belts continue to keep the top of our lists!”

Eevi Kytöniemi-Jokinen, Marketing and Online Sales Manager, Globe Hope

For 20 years, Globe Hope's most common materials have been seat belts used in cars and fair mats that have only been used once. Other surplus materials for Globe Hope are advertising banners and flags, sails, and surplus leather.

The clothes in Globe Hope's collection are made from 100% recycled yarn in a transparent production process. 

Globe Hope's clothes are a sustainable blend of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Globe Hope's cotton is made up of scrap from the textile industry. Polyester is made from recycled bottles and other plastic waste. 

Globe Hope's beanies and scarves are made from safety wool; yarn processed from sheared wool that has been saved for recycling.

Globe Hope

What are Globe Hope's most popular products right now?

"The familiar favorite TUISKU bag in the new color Mango has been one of the star products this spring. A small batch of our best-selling HILLA bag was launched in a brand-new shade Coral, which has been a big hit.

This spring and summer's collection has been a hit with pastel shades: lavender, dewy green, and light blue, as well as a cheerful mango yellow. Casual outfits such as hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts get lots of interest.

Of our new dress designs, the stiff and raw pitch fabric KOLMISOPPI dress and the light blue KOSTIA dress have become a team and customers' favorites.

The AURAISA hoodie with a lighter fabric and Globe Hope's terra logo on the top in mango and light blue is also a staff favorite."

Eevi Kytöniemi-Jokinen, Marketing and Online Sales Manager, Globe Hope

Globe Hope

The future brings an anniversary

For Globe Hope, sustainability is not a trending buzz, market talk, or merely added value. It is the foundation of everything Globe Hope does in its soon-to-be 20th year. Globe Hope lives from an appreciation for nature and our planet. 

"We value our brand for its quality, sustainability, and timeless design. Our products are made to last.

The idea of a circular economy is important to us and to our customers. Consumers increasingly appreciate sustainability as climate change, for example, is a distressing fact of life today.

Globe Hope offers a better alternative and the possibility to consume goods made from recycled products instead of buying brand new.

For many, Globe Hope is the better option."

Globe Hope

"In addition to men's and women's clothing, Globe Hope's collections have increasingly included unisex products. The clothing also comes in large sizes, because we want to try to make sure that there is a size for everyone.

Keep an eye on what's in store for 2023 as we celebrate Globe Hope's 20th anniversary. 

We can reveal that we have some great new collections coming up for SS23 and AW23, where another piece of Globe Hope history will be combined with a nice twist on today's trends.

Before that, we will be launching new and old Globe Hope bag designs in new shades. With topical products, we are taking a stand on issues such as minority rights.

Inspired and delighted, we will continue with the slogan "nothing new since 2003" in cooperation with our competent partners, our wonderful customers, and various organizations."

Eevi Kytöniemi-Jokinen, Marketing and Online Sales Manager, Globe Hope

Globe Hope

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