Welcome Home - IVALO.COM is launching something new

Welcome Home - IVALO.COM is launching something new

If sustainability has already made its way into your wardrobe, IVALO.COM now offers the next step as a seamless extension.

You are warmly invited to discover our growing and up-to-date selection of home textiles and interior design products.

IVALO.COM helps you to avoid fast trends and unethical production at home too. 

Welcome to a sustainable home!

Validated sustainability

Sustainable home interior

The problems of the world's textile production extend beyond clothing to home textiles.

Female-dominated and difficult to trace production in third countries makes up a significant proportion of the furnishings in Western homes. Beautiful and affluent homes are filled with decorations and textiles made under questionable production conditions, with no information about the origin of the raw materials.

A sustainable homeowner chooses a transparent interior design brand that knows its manufacturer, strives to reduce the use of resources and emissions, increases recycling and recyclability, and invests in the longevity of end products.

Every home brand on the IVALO.COM marketplace has undergone a careful sustainability validation process. You can make your own choices with peace of mind.

Home trends and timeless style

Sustainable home interior

At IVALO.COM you will find home decor products that represent both trends and timeless style. 

The red thread in our selection is Scandinavian interior design. It's functionality and elegance create a serene and sustainable style to your home.

But there's also a touch of ethnicity, rich colors and bold patterns to add layers, character and joy to your home. 

By choosing individually, you can make your home feel like your own and create the atmosphere you seek.

Bring the spring into your home

Sustainable home interior

The most up-to-date interior design uses bold colors.

While natural materials such as cotton and linen, carpets and baskets made from plant fibres, natural plants and Scandinavian lightness are still popular, strong colors are also trending.

Reddish colors such as burgundy, terracotta and brick are particularly topical, as are strong blues, all shades of green, dark woods and warm color combinations even in the largest surfaces.

After a long period of simplicity, home is now coming alive and making itself felt. Enjoy coziness, relaxation and softness. Increase the spotlights, reduce the general lighting and remember that misplaced slippers and books here and there are totally ok.