Hidden Gems - GUAJA.

Hidden Gems - GUAJA.

Meet GUAJA. The Hidden Gems blog series showcases the lesser-known designer brands of sustainable fashion, favorites of the IVALO.COM team and customers, and fashion designers with amazing passion.

The tailor of your dreams


How would you feel if a tailor of your dreams would fall from the sky and make you the wardrobe you've always dreamed of? 

With a few artistic strokes, the tailor creates you that carefree chic look, straight out of the streets of Stockholm. Or makes you look like that cover of a Scandinavian fashion magazine, with a feel like you have just visited Milan.

Each individual garment is already a masterpiece of quality atelier work, but the tailor can serve them up as a whole series of pieces that fit together like the most beautiful puzzle.

From kitchen to success


Newly launched at IVALO.COM, GUAJA. is a Portuguese atelier brand that meets every desire of the contemporary dresser.

Since its arrival, GUAJA. has made everyone sigh in admiration. How precisely harmonious, sophisticatedly elegant and diplomatically trendy it can be.

GUAJA. is a family business that started from the kitchen table of its founders, without any external funding or investment opportunities. GUAJA. was designed, cut and sewn by a mother and two siblings.

Since then, GUAJA. has achieved a staggering rise in just a few years. The garments have a high customer satisfaction and a loyal user base.

Your alternative to a sustainable wardrobe


GUAJA. represents not only classic quality, but also a very trendy current style that can be challenging to find produced sustainably.

While many trendy fashion chains offer individual pieces in the GUAJA. style, the GUAJA. range has a winning combination of a designer feel and the brand's validated sustainability.

If you want to skip the cheap stuff, GUAJA. is also your option for trendy style. Its price-quality ratio is excellent. You can also be sure that your choice is environmentally responsible, supports local transparent production in Portugal and pays fair compensation to the makers. 


In addition, GUAJA. designs its collections in a very special way, as a compact package. Each piece of clothing complements the other so you can find perfectly matching outfits from their collection.

Please note! GUAJA.s sizing is quite small. If you're trying to decide between two sizes, choose the larger one. Please take a look at the brand's size charts and feel free to contact us at IVALO.COM's customer service info@ivalo.com if you need help.