It’s time to celebrate – the favorites by KATRI NISKANEN

It’s time to celebrate – the favorites by KATRI NISKANEN

The Finnish fashion designer Katri Niskanen founded a trademark carrying her name in 2010. The brand KATRI NISKANEN has been famous from the start for its timeless, elegant, and feminine design that is quite recognizable. 

From the magnificent clothing collection of KATRI NISKANEN, you can still find the beloved classic pieces that have kept their place from the very first collections to this day.

Sustainable clothes are manufactured mainly locally in Estonia, but also in Finland, Italy, and Lithuania. Only the best sustainable high-quality materials are chosen for the products. Companionships with the same manufacturers have lasted for years.

IVALO.COM asked Jenni Saarinen, a marketer working for KATRI NISKANEN, what kind of feedback the highly considered brand gets from customers.

What are the most valued factors about KATRI NISKANEN products?

”We get a lot of praise from our customers for the fact that many of the products can be used from year to year; they really endure time very well. By changing accessories, you can style the same piece suiting many different occasions – from a more casual look straight into an evening outfit.

Our customers also appreciate that we have put a lot of thought into the maintenance of clothes and  it’s possible to wash almost everything at home, even the party dresses. They won’t require expensive visits to cleaner’s or any strong harmful chemicals. 

We get admiration for our design as well – the sculptural and feminine touch of Katri is recognizable and desired.”


KATRI NISKANEN end-of-the-year hits 

The ending of the year is a golden age of festive clothing. From the selection of KATRI NISKANEN, you’ll find many options to dress you up with style and top-notch quality for any celebration.

KATRI NISKANEN is profiled as a party dresser. The brand is renowned for uniquely made wedding and evening dresses widely seen at international gala dinners, private parties, and the media.

Also the ready-made clothing collection by NISKANEN presents a stunning supply of celebrative outfits. Here are the hot favorites you don’t wanna miss:

  1. WAVE COCKTAIL DRESS: in colors of black, gold, and pesto. This is the most awaited dress for the end of the year! It’s versatile and suits any other season as well. Perfect for parties, but combined with a leather jacket or a sweater, it’s nice in casual use, too. 
  2. THELMA DRESS: in colors of black, copper, and powder. Beloved and easy dress by KATRI NISKANEN is a true classic. Instantly brings a stylish and celeb look.
  3. WAVE ROBE: in colors of dark blue and black. A lovely satin jacket for any occasion. You can style your Wave Robe in a bohemian, simply Scandinavian, or flashy festive look.
  4. TULIP JUMPSUIT: in colors of green and black. KATRI NISKANEN is famous for her festive jumpsuits. This one-shoulder classic satin jumpsuit is a perfect choice for a modern party dresser.
  5. MACY PAILLETTE TOP: in colors of black and gold. Paillettes for the ones who crave a little bling! This super stylish design is easy to combine with various skirts or trousers. 

    Innovative materials in the making

    Jenni Saarinen tells IVALO.COM that Katri Niskanen is inspired by nature and arts. Being a designer is about constantly evolving and right now, finding and testing new innovative materials is one of Katri’s big focus points. 

    The brand KATRI NISKANEN takes continuous sustainability work very seriously, and their design is refined according to the possibilities brought with the growing consciousness of the world.

    KATRI NISKANEN meets a great demand right now – so many customers have returned to the offices after a long telecommuting period, and there is a need for sharp everyday wear.

    ”On the other hand, the festive clothes are wanted now after such a long dry phase without parties. The demand for KATRI NISKANEN festive outfits has been quite wild throughout the autumn. The customers clearly want to not only celebrate but also buy and support the Finnish design.”