Garment care

Goodbye winter! Get inspired by seasonal garment care

The birds are singing in the morning, the light has taken over the evenings and the sun is warming the air.

As spring kicks off, it's also time for wardrobe maintenance and updating.

Spring wardrobe maintenance is a rewarding activity that will lift your spirits while refreshing your appearance for the new season.

Clean out your wardrobe

Garment care - Clean your closet


Empty the wardrobe and wipe it with warm vinegar water. Vinegar removes staleness and odors from the wardrobe. Add vinegar to the washing water as necessary.

If you have pure essential oils on hand, you can also drip a few drops of, for example, antibacterial tea tree or refreshing rosemary into your wardrobe washing water.

A wet cleaning cloth will pick up the dust from textiles. Ventilate the closet to make sure it's dry and fragrance-free.

Make room in the closet for new-season clothes. Easily access and display the ones you'll wear most in the early spring months.

Are there any un-used items in your wardrobe? Recycle them by selling or donating them.

The most functional and eco-friendly wardrobe is compact and only includes clothes that you wear a lot.

Care for woolen clothing

Taking care of wool garments


It's a good idea to air your knitwear thoroughly before brushing and storing them away for the summer. Airing the knit outdoors opens up the fibers and prepares the garment for maintenance.

Wool is best maintained with a good-quality clothes brush instead of washing. For soft wool garments such as cardigans or sweaters, you can use KENT's CP6 clothes brush.

For heavier wool coats, use KENT's CC20 clothes brush, which has stiffer bristles.

These brushes remove lint, lint, and stains. During maintenance, the wool enjoys brushing and its natural grease polishes and conditions the surface of the garment.

For wool that has been severely linted, you can use a wool comb. A lint cutter is also an option for harder and tighter wool.

Leave thin wools like merino wool in the wardrobe after maintenance to wait for the new season. Wool is a lovely breathable material also in summer and is perfect for spring layering.

Forget the tape roller

The adhesive on tape rollers can stick to the surface of the wool, which increases the collection of dust and lint on wool clothing.

What's more, a tape roller is a disposable household item that generates unnecessary waste and plastic with each use.

Pack your outerwear for storage

Pack outerwear to storage for the summer


Check the washing instructions for your outerwear. In most cases, you can wash your outerwear on the delicate cycle of your washing machine, avoiding hot temperatures.

It is important to allow the quilted clothes to dry thoroughly before storing them. For storage, prefer a light rolling or airy folding and room temperature.

It's ok to wash down clothing

It's good to wash down clothes before storing them away.

Contrary to popular belief, down garments can be washed as long as they are washed on a delicate cycle in a large enough machine and at a low temperature (40 degrees). If necessary, stains can be removed locally before washing.

The down is dried in a tumble-dryer or flat-dryed, fluffing them during the drying process.

Store down garments in a dry place at room temperature. Roll or fold them for storage and avoid hanging them to prevent the down from dripping or clumping.

Do your merino layers need a wash?

How to clean your merino clothes


The merino wool layers for active users can be used well into the spring.

Even athlete's merino wear should be maintained by first and foremost airing and drying the garments carefully between uses. You can also put the merino layers in the freezer or leave them outside to freeze and dry.

It is understandable, however, that sometimes a wash is necessary even for merino layers, after a sweaty run or ski trip.

Wash them gently by hand or with the wool wash program in the machine. Use a detergent designed for wool.

Stains on merino wool can be removed with a clothes brush.

Take care of your leather shoes

How to take care of leather shoes


While waiting for the sneaker season, it's a good idea to wear leather shoes. Shoe care is one of the quickest and easiest ways to influence the style and finish your entire look.

Especially if you've been wearing combat boots and ankle boots all winter, it's time to show some love to your shoes as well.

The lifespan of your shoes will be increased by maintaining and protecting the surface. Leather shoes are also a useful and durable choice for the wet spring season, as long as you regularly protect your shoes from light, dirt, and rain.

So add on some shoe polish and give your shoes a brush. Leather needs moisture and grease. If your shoes are dirty, clean them first. If your shoes are worn, use a shaded lotion or wax.