Corduroy is the warming star of the autumn

If you associate corduroy clothes with your primary school teacher or your childhood librarian, forget the image and embrace the autumn warm-up trend.

So what is a corduroy?

Corduroy, or corduroy velvet, is a vertically grooved fabric.

A narrower and/or thinner width of corduroy is called manchester. A wide corduroy is traditionally called genoa corduroy. A very thin and light needle-like groove is called a needle; needlecord velvet.

The material of the corduroy is usually cotton. Corduroy is usually sturdy enough to be warm and durable.

Corduroy is often seen as a cool-season garment. However, as a breathable fabric, cotton is well suited for year-round use.

Corduroy clothes.

Corduroy is a classic - and fashionable

Corduroy from the past decades has made a comeback in recent years. At first, it was seen in a fashionable palette of off-white and beige. Since then, the selection has grown and developed.

Corduroy is also available in a responsible version. In the IVALO.COM online shop, for example, the Finnish company KAIKO offers modern corduroy clothing in lovely shades. KAIKO's corduroy is 100% organic cotton.

The shades off trendy browns, dark burgundies, purples and blues, glowing oranges and warm greens perfectly match the soft texture of the corduroy.

This autumn, you can swap your jeans for corduroy trousers, the season's most popular outfit with loafers and a quality knit. You can also find corduroy in jackets, shirts, dresses and accessories.

Corduroy clothes

Do a lot of caring - and little washing

The dense structure of a corduroy fabric collects some dust and loose dirt.

Both cotton and wool corduroy benefit from brushing. You can clean your corduroy by brushing it up and down along the vertical lines with a clothing brush.

Brushing keeps the corduroy clean and tidy. It also freshens the shade of the corduroy.

The cotton corduroy is very resistant to machine washing. High quality cotton rarely suffers in the wash, so you can safely rely on the washing machine if necessary.

However, if you want to preserve the fuzz of your corduroy and maximise the life of your garment; brushing, airing and spot stain removal are good ways to go.

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