Sustainable Stars - ROTHOLZ

Sustainable Stars - ROTHOLZ

Alongside IVALO.COM's popular blog series Hidden Gems, we have a new Sustainable Stars blog concept.

Hidden Gems was originally conceived as IVALO.COM's summer blog series, showcasing the lesser-known gems of sustainable fashion.

The Sustainable Stars blog series in turn highlights sustainable favourites and already-established sustainable fashion brands.

Rotholz is currently not available for sale on IVALO.COM. Explore our selection and find sustainable women's clothing and men's clothing from other brands in our range.

Discover the German company Rotholz, which has been working ambitiously for better fashion since 2009.

Rotholz stands for pure, everyday style at its best. Rotholz's quilted jackets, vests, quality hats, collar wear and corduroy garments stand for simple design and first-class materials.

Classic Englishman meets Japanese harmony

People wearing Rotholz's clothes.

The Rotholz style for men and women is subtly minimalist. The lines are straight and simple. The clothes embody a sense of peace and comfort.

A quick overview of the collection gives the impression of classic androgyny. The sophisticated design with a touch of the old world is well suited to new-age men's style, unisex wear and women who appreciate timeless modern elegance.

There is plenty of elements of the English dressing tradition such as earthy tones, workwear jackets and quality accessories. Clothing and accessories have taken aesthetic influences from Japanese culture and design.

Rotholz describes their style as being creative, reflecting an urban lifestyle and sporty elegance. There is a touch of playfulness in the simplicity and harmony.

Clothes for function and everyday life

People wearing Rotholz's clothes.

When you wear Rotholz, you can be confident that the garment will not be ruined in use. It's wonderful to wear stylish clothes that don't wrinkle, break or stain.

In Rotholz clothes you can hitch up a trailer, do a bit of gardening, enjoy a picnic or even go skateboarding.

The idea of ecology is also supported by the long-lasting wearability of the garments and the use of sturdy and functional materials such as easy-care cotton.

Muted colour scheme

People wearing Rotholz's clothes.

Rotholz's colour and pattern scheme are well suited for Scandinavian taste. The shades used in their designs are calm earth tones such as modern browns and versatile shades of black, off-white and grey.

The clean colours are softened. Muted shades give a sophisticated impression. Rotholz colours have a personal freshness and charming uniqueness.

Stable sustainability

People wearing Rotholz's clothes.

Rotholz is in its second decade of manufacturing eco-fashion. This experience is reflected in Rotholz's confident vision to do its part to ensure a liveable future for our planet.

Rotholz favours small local players in its production chain. They invest in high-quality fabrics and also design with the longevity of the garment in mind.

German attention to detail and the use of multidisciplinarity characterise the development of quality standards and production methods.