Have you already found these sustainable clothing brands for men?

IVALO.COM presents the best sustainable fashion brands for modern men who don’t settle for anything less but ecological, ethical, comfortable, and stylish clothes.

Take a look at the German top-quality selection by About Companions, the ten products ideology by OFTT, and the Swiss Carpasus strongly investing in social sustainability.

Comfort clothes from Berlin

About Companions from Berlin invests in high-quality materials in their design. The main point is how the materials, cuts, and seams feel when you wear the clothes. The brand aims for a lovely touch experience and relaxed comfort.

As a side product, you receive simple elegance, sophisticated colors, and secured sustainability. About Companions makes it easy for you to build a whole wardrobe put together in style, without a huge amount of pieces. A few basics are enough – they suit you all the way from golf courses to cafés and from the office to summer parties.

A wardrobe of ten products

OFTT aims for stylish minimalism and uses rainwater to irrigate their cotton. Their idea is to present a sustainable wardrobe built of ten pieces that you can use for a long time without a care. OFTT is perfect for a modern man who appreciates easy and sleek clothing without headaches or crises.

The German OFTT name comes from the words often and ten. Every published collection by OFTT contains ten pieces from you to choose from, collect, and update your own perfect ten.

The ethical Swiss

Carpasus was born out of a tragedy that took place in 2013, while the brand founders still were students. Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed and buried over 1100 textile workers with it.

This accident happened even though the devastating working conditions had been long known by the world and the media.

Carpasus founders René and Michael decided to take action and help to end the inhuman, non-transparent, and environment-hazardous practices of the fashion industry. This is why Carpasus is committed to the new social norms in the field, aiming for the well-being of both nature and the people.

The main product of the ethical business by Carpasus is a shirt – the most visible and dominant factor in men’s wardrobe. The shirt has to fit perfectly, feel comfortable, be easy to care for, and last for a long time – while making you feel good and confident.

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