Shared wardrobes for couples and families are in. By breaking down the boundaries of personal clothing and accessories, one pair of clothing gets more uses.

Gender neutrality is also becoming a fashion trend. The unisex clothing of our time is not only androgynous asexual but boldly blended.

Enjoy spring patterns in a unisex spirit. Choose vintage patterns from our new Berlin art brand Yahmo. Those fit perfectly into urban spring and summer. Tolerance and experimentation line to the spirit of these days.

Enjoy Brava Fabrics fun prints and the crazy statements of our new Madrid-based design brand RAIZ.

Rely on Nomen Nescio from Helsinki, which offers only favorite clothes. The sacred black simplicity of Nomen Nescion makes it effortless to dress in high quality and to look stylish – every day.

Don't forget the Finnish streetwear hits Billebeino, Arcelevn, and WWOOLLFF CO. It’s good to live under the rainbow in sporty, street-credible, and comfy clothes.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember to sometimes share your clothes with a loved one or friend. Finish off your outfit with Naku's trendy unisex jewelry. Break the boundaries and enjoy.

You are lovely!