Happy Valentine's! IVALO.COM believes in true love, which is: 


Invest in everlasting things that you know will be with you for years, even decades. At IVALO.COM, you'll find long-lasting everyday and festive companions with a real purpose. Treat your wardrobe to only those worthy of your love.

"Love for you, me and the planet earth. Love for all!"


Choose the best, pampering and good-quality materials for your skin, which have undergone an ethical production process. Responsible fashion materials and production avoid harmful chemicals.

"If she's wearing matching underwear, it's not you who planned how the evening goes."


Give yourself time and approval. 

Invest in the romance of everyday life, seek peace of mind and speak beautifully to your body. Sustainable and body-positive clothing and home textiles are a way to show appreciation not only to the world - but also to yourself.

"I love you more than I love these sheets."