The oceans are not only a symbol of freedom, natural forces, and holidays, but also play a very important role in terms of climate objectives.

Emissions have caused the oceans to warm, disrupting marine ecosystems, releasing more carbon dioxide, and raising their surface. This thermal expansion and sea-level rise threatens groundwater, fresh inland waters, coastal habitats, and biodiversity, among other things.

Despite numerous collection and clean-up initiatives, plastic debris is taking over the seas. Visible debris can be removed from the oceans, but the degraded microplastics can no longer be captured. Plastic debris in waters kills animals and ends up in the food chain, including humans.

Many responsible swimwear brands have established their brands as part of ocean conservation and activism. Eco swimwear are powered by surfing enthusiasts, and disaster-woke nature lovers pained by the plastic rubbish of paradise islands.

Eco swimwear commonly uses plastic waste collected from the sea as raw material. The best-known material is ECONYL®, a comfortable and durable regenerated nylon. 

Summer and its delights are just around the corner. The next time you take a dip in the sea or a lake, do it in a swimsuit made from recycled plastic waste. That way you can be part of the solution.


Mix and match. Find your eco bikini favorites.


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The best sustainable swimwear brands

The best sustainable swimwear brands

Summer swimsuit is an eco-swimsuit! Responsible fashion news reports that when it comes to swimsuits and bikinis, making an eco-conscious choice is becoming easy. 

There is no longer any reason to choose virgin materials, as there are eco-friendly alternatives for a better summer experience.

Swimwear care guide

Swimwear care guide

Sustainable fashion's swimwear is a fast growing product category at IVALO.COM.

During the pandemic, people were looking for inexpensive, healthy and nature-based activities, and winter and outdoor swimming, for example, attracted many new enthusiasts.